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Ideas for ee-kia dotcom?!

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Kia Sat 20-Oct-01 17:03:25

Last post before being taken out to dinner!

I had an idea of having little shop which sold things only of one colour. Black springs to mind. I hate not being able to get a little black dress when I want one in say May and everyone else is in florals. But not just clothes other things as well, like shiny planters, gorgeous silk flowers and quilts. Help me out here - what else could I put in my shop?

I went to a presentation by a Canadian woman who is designing a website where you put in your meaasurements onto a body which can be made to look like you and you send it off to shop for you, knowing that most of what it comes back with will fit. It will have it's own credit card, ids and your likes and dislikes, books/music etc. The woman doing her presentation looked like she'd been dragged through a hedge backwards, but I later discovered she was wearing Vivienne Westwood, so what do I know. But its a fab idea don't you think? I look and see if I can find the details of the site in amongst all the rest of the boring blurb. I don't know if I found this site from this site but try this its the same sort of idea, only not so sophisticated:

Right, I'm definitely going now.

Winnie Sun 21-Oct-01 09:53:35

Kia, love your idea for a little shop of one colour! Couldn't agree more about how annoying it is not to be able to get black clothes in the spring etc...

Jj Sun 21-Oct-01 12:37:39

How about a shop of clothes that are impossible to find? Children's shoes in a range of sizes, bright clothes for boys, sandals when you need them, the black dresses in Spring.. that type of thing. You could run through the other discussions to get some ideas.

And then an order service for things you didn't have but would find. And keep people's details on file (if they wanted) so that when you found items they would be interested in, you could drop them a note. And.. well, excellent service, of course. Don't think that'd be a problem, though! :)

The shop would be a great internet venture, I think. People (eg me) could email you with the clothes they were looking for, along with their sizes and you could work up a little personalized "brochure" for them. Ooh, I'm excited now.

Kia Sun 21-Oct-01 13:18:38

OK - so what could it be called? I fancy Aunty Mary's after the unfortunately lady with the canary! Sorry, just being silly. Black stop? I have a word searcher/rhymer on my machine at work, I'll see what it comes up with when I get in tommorrow - hah, watch this space. I like the idea of finding stuff too, I could do that.

How about this though for discussion on a Sunday: how many variations of black are there? An art teacher sent all his students out and told them to come back with a black square - each student had a different black.

Keep having a touch of the giggles when I think of that old arty couple on the fast show where the man johnny keeps going berserk everytime the colour black has to be painted.

Lizzer Sun 21-Oct-01 14:24:58

Good idea Kia! How about for the 2nd idea (I've just checked it and nothing comes up!) It's not very inspired but very to the point!

Jj Mon 22-Oct-01 07:49:25

How about "The Old Black" at and ? Your store would have classic black stuff as opposed to having fuchsia clothing or whatever the new black is.

Kia Mon 22-Oct-01 21:13:31

I wanted something non-pc but I'm not that brave! 'Blackstuff' is probably about as far as my upbringing would allow! Not really entrepreneur stuff is it?! I thought about calling it 'Johnny's' after the fast show man but not everyone will get it. I forgot to look on my machine at work today, I'll go and have a look on google later.

Chanelno5 Tue 23-Oct-01 08:19:48

Kia - what about Blacktoblack? Not very original perhaps and I haven't checked web for it, but it is still quite early in the mornin' and Half Term AND my kids are running riot around the house.

Croppy Tue 23-Oct-01 08:47:30

Kia, I reckon your shop should sell black and white clothes. That would give you more options for all round stock and also, everybody always wants the perfect white T shirt etc.

Gracie Tue 23-Oct-01 08:51:45

Another suggestion, I have always thought that a shop for pear shaped women would do well. Many of us Brits suffer from big bums/hips and so on and it is always hard to find jumpers sufficiently long to hide the danger zones and also the right shape (i.e. gently flared from the shoulders). Same goes for Jackets.

It seems quite common for women to be say, size 12 up top and 14 below but notoriously difficult to find clothes that flatter.

Kia Tue 23-Oct-01 18:19:21

Oh Gracie! The Black Pear is born! I can see the labels and the shop sign now!!!

Croppy, you're right about the white too, but I was planning on my second shop to be white!! I'm empire building, look out Richard!

Chanelno5 - blacktoblack sounds like a lingerie line I'll be doing!

Now all I have to do is pop down and see the bank manager, thats in between working, half-term, womanly chores(!), dog going bald needing vet, hockey & rugby fixtures, writing a novel synopsis for the WHSmith competition which finishes in November and starting my computer course. But I'm not complaining - the impossible just takes a little longer when you're a mummy!

Star Tue 23-Oct-01 18:27:51

Message withdrawn

Kia Tue 23-Oct-01 18:34:18

Star, I'm working my way down the board tonight, go so many things to say I haven't checked my e-mail and the kids will be waiting for me to get off the machine once Eastenders depression is finished!

Ted's gardening section - wonder if I could get them to do a nudey shoot (oops!)

Jj Tue 23-Oct-01 19:02:22

Love "The Black Pear"! Didn't realize "The Old Black" wasn't PC.. I thought of it at 3am while up with the baby. How about a shop called BOB? For "Boring Old Basics" or "Boring Old Black". Of course, the stuff wouldn't be boring, it'd just be fun to have a shop named Bob.

I'm in need of some retail therapy now after thinking about all of this. :)

Kia Tue 23-Oct-01 20:33:57

dd ever on the make, wants to know can she have freebies?!

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