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How do you change your chat nickname?

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Lilysmum Mon 13-Oct-03 13:00:27

Not sure how to do this - can anyone help?

WSM Mon 13-Oct-03 13:05:08

This is how I do it. Go back to the 'Topics' Talk homepage and click on the link in the intro paragraphs, copied here...."You need to be a member of mumsnet, and have a "chat nickname" to use the board. If you are already a mumsnet member you can check or choose your nickname HERE." It instructs you on how to go about changing there.

WSM Mon 13-Oct-03 13:06:28

This is a link to that page. Fill in your current details, to allow you access to your 'profile'. Once you're in you can change as many times you wish

Lilysmum Tue 14-Oct-03 08:20:36

Thanks WSM

charliecat Wed 17-Dec-03 18:12:00

This is driving me potty followed the link and its just not happening. Have been trying to change since last night. Please help someone!

Festivefly Wed 17-Dec-03 18:14:25

Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the bit that says forgotten password

Festivefly Wed 17-Dec-03 18:15:21

Fill in the password you want in replace of yours, press update

charliecat Wed 17-Dec-03 18:17:44

done that just keeps coming up the same details as before. will try once again

melsy Wed 17-Dec-03 18:17:48

Can u also keep your previous name ???

charliecat Wed 17-Dec-03 18:19:51

Lol I am trying to swop to christmascat but it wont let me change anything

Festivefly Wed 17-Dec-03 18:21:53

No you don't keep your previous name. You delete that put the new one in and press update

charliecat Wed 17-Dec-03 18:21:54

Melsy you know my 2nd name, not the one begining with t the other one, can you see if you can change me to christmas cat please. The 2nd name is my password

charliecat Wed 17-Dec-03 18:22:50

FF, yep tryed changing kids and everything the same details pop back up when ive pressed update as if i havent deleted or tryed to change anything

melsy Wed 17-Dec-03 18:23:50

eerrggh wot - confused???

melsy Wed 17-Dec-03 18:25:05

ooh so to get it back u just have to go in and re do the update - right ?????

melsy Wed 17-Dec-03 18:25:50

sorry charliecat confused - not sure wot you r suggesting to do????

charliecat Wed 17-Dec-03 18:25:51

can you log onto the link below, the forgot your password thing, put in my yahoo addy pennyandpaddy@ then change my name from charliecat to christmas cat and my password is my 2nd name the other end of penny

Festivefly Wed 17-Dec-03 18:25:56

N0 you don't have to change anything apart from the new name, have a look at the top of the form when you have pressed update, it might say nickname already in use

charliecat Wed 17-Dec-03 18:26:49

nope it doesnt, i will try myself again

charliecat Wed 17-Dec-03 18:28:17

tryed again no luck it just refreshes the page without changing anything

charliecat Wed 17-Dec-03 18:29:10

once ive typed in what i would like changed after ive pressed refresh it just comes up the same page with no changes made

charliecat Wed 17-Dec-03 18:29:38

right must shoot dinner burning back later!!!!!!!!

Festivefly Wed 17-Dec-03 18:29:38

Step 1 delete your chat nickname
Step 2 type in christmascat
step 3 press update
step 4 go back to chat and use it

melsy Wed 17-Dec-03 18:29:50

charliecat have u seen the note about enabling cookies ??? it says it wont update if you dont do this.

Festivefly Wed 17-Dec-03 18:30:31

Don't press reset press update

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