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woken up at 4.30am by the neighbours and the police.

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misdee Sun 12-Oct-03 08:46:51

at 4.30 this morning, i thought iu heard voices in my flat. so i went to check. no-one in my flat but outside the kitchen window in the car park was a lad shouting his head off and 3 coppers. i asked what was going on, all they could tell me was they had arrested several people and were waiting for a van. they couldnt shut this bloke up, who was shouting to the girl in the next block of flats, she was shouting back to him. after they put him in the van, they did a search around the flats, checked the dustbins and wandered round the estate. i counted 6 police cars, 1 van and a police helicopter. i'm guessing the other people they arrested were out of view, and in all probability this had somehing to do with drugs, as there is a drugs problem here already even tho the estate has only had people living here since feb. this is the 3rd time in as many months there has been loads of cops round here, its really annoying.

katierocket Sun 12-Oct-03 08:48:31

poor you misdee - that's horrible.

pie Sun 12-Oct-03 08:52:44

It sounds like where I live. One day I looked out of my kitchen window around 4pm and saw armed police creeping up to the back door of the house next door. They just made a sign that I should get my head down and then kicked the door in.

Its horrible isn't it, especially with children.

misdee Sun 12-Oct-03 09:00:15

i just cant belive its bad round here already. there is a huge police presence around the area, i can spot the skag heads a mile off (the eyes give it away), and there is always a slanging match going on somewhere. the next block of flats is the worst for problems, one of the girls appraoched me in town during the heatwave offering to selll me suncream she had just lifted. the town itself has a huge drugs problem, but what do u expect when half the shops have closed down and the town is effectivly a ghost town apart from the supermarket.

mieow Sun 12-Oct-03 09:05:31

oH sARAH, ARE YOU OK??? tried to phone you but youre on here

misdee Thu 16-Oct-03 17:48:00

i found out what happened at the weekend now. the police were called to arrest the junkie who was hiding in the bins in the flat car parks, cos he was causing such a racket, he woke up a fair few residents. some people in the houses down the road woke up, and went downstairs to find out what was happening, and found 2 lads piling up their tv, video etc by the front door. the 2 burglers ran out the door straight into the police who were dealing with the junkie. so they got 3 arrests for the price of one.

CollieFoster Tue 15-Nov-16 06:44:25

I blame X factor for all this.

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