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Grrrrrr! Tax credits!

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Hther Thu 14-Jul-11 09:38:29

I recently informed them of a change of circumstances. I hadn't heard anything so I rang up and they said it was being held up by mistakes on my form (apparently I ticked that I was a foreign national!) I answered the relavent questions and corrected teh mistakes over the phone and then I rang up again 2 weeks later to see hw it was going. They said they now had all the information needed and it ahd been sent to processing. I phoned up again today and they said they sent out a letter on tuesday saying they didnt know that two of the children I am claiming for exist so i need to send documents!

kelaiva Fri 15-Jul-11 23:42:09

i'm not suprised you're angry with them, it seems to me some of the staff members don't have a clue!! I've had the same problem, you can talk to one person on Monday and they'll say one thing then someone else will say "no no thats not right bla bla" I don't have any faith. Good look with it all though.

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