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recycling questions

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misdee Sat 11-Oct-03 20:09:02

help me!!! i'm venturing back into the world od recycling after finally sorting out things here and making space for boxes in my kitchen. and have some questions.

1.can tin foil be recycled? if not, is there still charities that collect tin foil? i know some schools did tin foil collection a few years ago for charities.

2. jar lids. can they be recycled?

3. are newspapers and magazines allowed in the same boxes these days? and can i put general paper waste in as well (shredded letters, envoloped with plastic windows removed?).

any help u can offer, please do.


Oakmaiden Sat 11-Oct-03 20:42:27

1. There is a special box thing at our local supermarket for collecting aluminium foil. So that includes take away boxes, tin foil and milk bottle tops....

2. Not as far as I know.

3. Depends, but normally yes. Our council collect paper in our recylcling boxes, but will ONLY take newspapers and magazines - nothing else. Whereas my parents live in Devon and the council there collect all paper - old letters, tin labels, pretty much everything. So you will have to check that out in your area.

You could try contacting your local council - they will have a local recycling officer - and asking them what facilities exist in your area.

misdee Sat 11-Oct-03 20:47:35

they arent doing recycling collection in this part of town for a few more years, atm there isnt enough houses here and the roads arer blocked a lot of the time with building equipment, it can take them upto 3 weeks to empty the bins here so dont hold out much hope for recycling atm from them.

Oakmaiden Sat 11-Oct-03 20:52:54

Check out the recycling section at your supermarket then. Because facilities do vary from area to area.

misdee Sat 11-Oct-03 20:54:10

the supermarket i use doesnt have a recycling area. i'll have a check at one of the others.

Furball Sat 11-Oct-03 22:28:08

Have a look here for what can/can't be re-cycled near to you. If you look under the pink house symbol at the top, it'll pop up with 'bank locator', enter you town and it will give you all the nearest banks and what they take.

Furball Sat 11-Oct-03 22:29:49

PS. Also look on your local councils website, they usually have info there.

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