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Man threatened me with a stick today!!!!!

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CountessDracula Sat 11-Oct-03 19:41:59

V odd thing happened to me today in Richmond park . I was out walking the dog and we came up to a pond where there were lots of people/kids etc playing and picnicking. She went running up to jump in the water and there was a couple sitting on a bench having a sarnie, she ran past them and stopped by their bench. The bloke picked up a stone and threw it at her and then kicked her in the face.

I went running over and shouted "stop f***ing kicking my dog". He leapt up, picked up a big log and branished it at me, screaming incoherently and threatening to beat me up. He wouldn't let me past to get to the dog, and finally I ran past him, put the dog on the lead and ran away, with him shouting at me and waving the stick very near my head.

His girlfriend looked terrified and didn't say a word throughout - she obviously thought he was going to hit me.

What a tosser

codswallop Sat 11-Oct-03 19:42:35

I would ring the pOlice S M

codswallop Sat 11-Oct-03 19:43:21

was that where the Nickell thing was?

whymummy Sat 11-Oct-03 19:46:55

oh countess,yes,i would tell the police,what a horrible man,are you and the dog ok?

Loobie Sat 11-Oct-03 19:49:06

What an utter b*****d why did he kick the dog in the first place,sounds like a real nutter i agree i would report it to the police.

doormat Sat 11-Oct-03 19:49:35

CD thank god you are alright.
There are some weirdos out there
are you still shaken up or ok now but I would call the police like coddy says.

CountessDracula Sat 11-Oct-03 19:54:44

Well I did think about telling the police but it seemed a bit silly as he didn't attack me and he would probaby have said that the dog attacked him or something. DH was miles away with the baby in the buggy and saw me go over and saw the bloke with the stick but didn't realise what was going on. He was all for going over but the guy was such a psycho, if he would threaten a woman with a stick god knows what he'd do to a man.

In fact I just felt really sorry for his girlfriend, what must it be like to be with a man like that, imagine what he does to her in private if he's like that in public. I did look at her and say "nice bloke" but that just set him off again (though I don't think he heard, he just saw me say something).

I am fine, thank you all. I just thought it was very inappropriate behaviour.

codswallop Sat 11-Oct-03 20:47:31

the main reason I would tell the police is that if there had been any viloent attacks twds women in that area recently they might be waiting for little clues like that to help them pin the person.

I would leave it up to them to decide if its relevant - It wont hurt you to tell and if it IS irrelevant then thats ok.

ScummyMummy Sun 12-Oct-03 01:24:35

Sounds horrid, Countess. I don't know whether you should involve the police but I hope you and the dog are ok.

bossykate Sun 12-Oct-03 07:19:49

how awful! hope you are ok - and your dog. some people!

ks Sun 12-Oct-03 10:58:10

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Sun 12-Oct-03 11:02:17

Thanks everyone, will talk to dh and see what he thinks. It's not like the bloke actually hit me and he was with his girlfriend who he would probably beat into saying whatever he wanted and I had no real witnesses.

And to be honest I don't want anything to do with a freak like that, imagine if I made a complaint and he found out where I lived? If he is like that on a lovely sunny day out for a picnic in a beautiful place then I can't imagine what he would be like in a dark alley etc etc. I know that is wet but I just want to protect my family, am now feeling really bad about the thought that he might do something to someone else and I could prevent it, but just want to forget about it.

ks Sun 12-Oct-03 11:09:52

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Sun 12-Oct-03 11:49:22

Oh no KS, you didn't upset me at all, I was thinking that anyway!

ks Sun 12-Oct-03 11:51:05

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Sun 12-Oct-03 12:04:29

True, true!

Lilysmum Mon 13-Oct-03 08:51:14

The man is deranged and unbalanced. Report it to the police and give a physical description. The maniac needs locking up!

(I hope you are okay, I would have been badly shaken by an incident like that)

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