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Anyone tried a personal shopper?

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whitewater Sat 11-Oct-03 15:02:37

Thinking of booking my friend into one for her 40th birthday, with a few quid to get her started. Has anyone used one, and what did you think? Any recommendations? Thinking House of Fraser, Debenhams ish rather than Harvey Nicks, and would be in London or Bluewater (if they do anything like that there). Any advice gratefully received.

Twink Sat 11-Oct-03 16:26:25

Went to one in John Lewis last year. Really good, I'd spent 3 years either pregnant or covered in sick and not paid any attention to clothes or fashion and she sorted me out.

No pressure to buy, she wasn't on commission and I just lounged around with juice reading magazines while she scoured the shelves for me.

She instinctively brought things that suited my shape without making any 'what not to wear' comments.

If I had any money for stuff at the moment I'd definitely do it again; I came away with about 12 items, all nicely packed, in under 2 hours and more importantly, actually wear the stuff.

whitewater Sat 11-Oct-03 16:35:02

Thanks Twink, that sounds like just the thing, - will give them a call. Might book me in while I'm on to them - could certainly do with it! Thanks again.

cod Fri 27-May-05 17:39:42

Message withdrawn

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