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Anyone know any good websites or groups for an older lady who has just 'come out'?

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edam Sun 03-Jul-11 13:12:59

My Mother's good friend has just come out at the age of 68, six months after her rather domineering Mum died (friend had been her Mum's carer for years). Apparently she said 'Oh, of course you and XXXX knew' although she'd never breathed a word.

Anyway, she's convinced that she'll never find anyone because she's left it too late. I think it would be very sad if that were the case - and if there are any social groups for the older lady who has just come out, I bet someone on MN can find them...

edam Sun 03-Jul-11 19:09:50

No-one? Maybe I should ask on Gransnet... but I really do want to show my Mother's friend that she doesn't have to be alone forever, even if she chooses not to do anything about it, and I was sure someone on MN would know a likely group or something!

wotabouttheworkers Sun 03-Jul-11 19:16:15

Somewhere to start. Glad she has at last been able to say who she is.

edam Sun 03-Jul-11 19:18:26

ooh, thank you wot!

Yes, it's lovely that she's able to be herself after all these years. She gave up her career and her home something like 15 years ago to move back to her Mother's house and become a full-time carer. Her mother was an ungrateful bullying old cow who used her illness to control my mother's friend, and stop her having a life of her own. She'd suddenly have an episode of feeling very ill indeed if her daughter had made plans to do anything nice.

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