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Step-daughter's drug dealing boyfriend

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tfif Sun 03-Jul-11 09:49:08

I don't want my step-daughter's boyfriend in our home. He grows and sells drugs and seems to make quite a bit of money out of it. His family are all involved and are quite a force to be reckoned with by all accounts. Last week they both called by and he was bragging about sitting in his dad's yard and shooting rats. My husband has told me that his ex wife's partner had a go at Sarah, his daughter, and she said that she would get her boyfriend to break both his legs. Her sister told her that she was going to report them both to the police and Sarah told her boyfriend. He said that he would personally 'sort out' anybody who involved the police. I asked my husband to tell Sarah that she could come down anytime but that I didn't feel comfortable having her boyfriend in the house. Well, all hell broke loose. He mentioned it to his daughter, she had a screaming fit , called me an old bag and said I had to mind my own business. His ex wife also told me to mind my own business. My argument is that it's my home and surely I have some say as to who is invited. I feel really sorry for my husband as he is caught in the middle. He obviously adores his daughter although he is really disappointed in the way she is behaving. Anybody had anything similar happen? I really need help.

TechLovingDad Mon 04-Jul-11 10:08:22

Stick to your guns. Hard though it is, you need DH on your side too.
I wouldn't have him in my house, either.

tfif Mon 04-Jul-11 21:23:00

Thanks - it makes me feel a bit better knowing that someone agrees. Sarah is totally out of hand now and I get the feeling that her family let her do as she likes so she won't get abusive to them. She's always wanted her own way but at 24 I expect better from her.

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