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Mog Thu 09-Oct-03 15:34:24

How about

Is my baby sleeping through the night too soon?
Should I really be this thin after having a baby?
Boss wants to increase my salary and let me work from home- is it a good idea?

Any more?

Jemma7 Thu 09-Oct-03 15:35:49

How about I've just won the lottery

forestfly Thu 09-Oct-03 15:36:33

Men cant keep there eyes off me

Twinkie Thu 09-Oct-03 15:37:05

Message withdrawn

Twinkie Thu 09-Oct-03 15:37:42

Message withdrawn

forestfly Thu 09-Oct-03 15:40:14

Should i go on the round the world cruise with a nanny, cleaner and private chef?

forestfly Thu 09-Oct-03 15:41:04

My house is full of firemen trying to have sex with me what should i do?

doormat Thu 09-Oct-03 15:41:59

I can build- do I have a degree

oliveoil Thu 09-Oct-03 15:42:14

Should my personal trainer by jealous of my abs?

forestfly Thu 09-Oct-03 15:43:47

Should i say yes to Ethan Hawkes Marriage proposal?

Twinkie Thu 09-Oct-03 15:47:17

Message withdrawn

Twinkie Thu 09-Oct-03 15:47:54

Message withdrawn

oliveoil Thu 09-Oct-03 15:49:08

My labour lasted 3 minutes and I didn't need pain relief, is this wrong?

Mog Thu 09-Oct-03 16:05:34

Always mistaken for younger than I am

Discovered new lease of energy since becoming a mum

Being a mumsnetter helps me get the chores done

forestfly Thu 09-Oct-03 16:07:33

Dadslib hasnt posted anything nasty today

doormat Thu 09-Oct-03 16:08:24


fio2 Thu 09-Oct-03 16:09:25


beetroot Thu 09-Oct-03 16:13:39

Message withdrawn

Jemma7 Thu 09-Oct-03 16:13:52

Brad Pitt has just ditched Jennifer and whisked me off my feet (Oh and become a few years younger) :0

M2T Thu 09-Oct-03 16:15:15


My child won't eat chocolate or crisps, is he normal??

My dd is 8yrs old, when do tantrums start?

I've just got a better degree than Dadslib, should I tell him??

Bogwoppit Thu 09-Oct-03 16:24:12

rofl at everyone

can't think of anything at the moment.

lilibet Thu 09-Oct-03 16:25:52

My 14 year old daughter doesn't wear make up or skimpy clothes, what should I do?

Dh is unreasonable - he makes me lift up my feet while he hoovers under thm.

musica Thu 09-Oct-03 16:26:19

Why does ds only watch one programme on CBeebies and then turn off?

sykes Thu 09-Oct-03 16:27:59

Why is public transport just so ridiculously efficient, reliable and clean?

Why do I never get hangovers?

Why is my h such a great partner and parent?

doormat Thu 09-Oct-03 16:28:50

how to remove a remote control from dh's hand- any tips

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