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the survival alphabet

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Robinw Sat 13-Oct-01 11:19:34

message withdrawn

Jodee Sat 13-Oct-01 15:39:59

well we'd all be dead without AIR!

Great idea, RobinW

Jodee Sat 13-Oct-01 15:44:06

ALCOHOL! (now don't all reach for the yellow pages and give me the number for AA!)

Lizzer Sat 13-Oct-01 16:11:20

Aspirin?! Or would that come under P for painkillers in general?

Like this a lot Robinw :)

Robinw Sun 14-Oct-01 05:45:16

message withdrawn

Tigermoth Mon 15-Oct-01 11:38:26

Yes, Beans although they can make you Burp Both Ends, still if you have plenty of Andrex....

A light Blanket for me - easier to dry than a duvet and more uses ( makeshift hammock, bag, cloak etc) than a sleeping bag.

Would also consider an inflatable Boat. But not without oars, so have to see how much room I have left when we reach 'O'.

Good thread, RobinW

Littlejo Mon 15-Oct-01 12:48:03

What about Bottles, and a Bucket? You can survive a remarkably long time without food, but not water. Depends on what we are surviving (nuke/chem/bio) as to availablity of drinking water of course! But I'm sure the bucket would have a multitude of uses.

Great thread, RobinW - but I'm afraid I couldn't bring myself to shoot a little bunny rabbit (God I'm pathetic - I was brought up in the country for heavens sake!!!)

Jodee Mon 15-Oct-01 13:48:20

What about books, we all love reading, and when we've run out of Andrex ... !

Batters Mon 15-Oct-01 13:58:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Robinw Mon 15-Oct-01 18:43:30

message withdrawn

Faith Mon 15-Oct-01 20:39:16

Condoms and chocolate! They're not solely luxuries - chocolate contains iron..and it makes you feel good, which is probably essential in a bunker. I'm told condoms can be used for carrying water- assuming you can find any to carry. yes, I know a bucket would be far better, but condoms have their uses, which takes me back to my point about chocolate!

Judeb Tue 16-Oct-01 06:48:44

Sorry to be soppy, but my C would have to be Charlotte, my little 7mth old girl! I definitely couldn't survive without her.

Sweetie Tue 16-Oct-01 08:36:53

Champagne, cigarettes, caviar, chocolate.

Macminx Tue 16-Oct-01 09:43:41

Champagne, Caramac's (chocolate substitute, as I can't eat it) and cheese coleslaw, but not all at the same time

Joe Tue 16-Oct-01 09:52:07

Crips, cream crackers, chips, cake. CD player. It sounds like I cant live without food, mmm I will try and think of some material things after I have had something to eat.

Pamina Tue 16-Oct-01 12:29:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pamina Tue 16-Oct-01 12:33:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pamina Tue 16-Oct-01 12:35:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jolly Tue 16-Oct-01 13:08:09

What an interesting thread! As I am utterly paranoid I'll be noting down suggestions for possible future use!
A: Arnica cream, airgun
B: Binbags, Bicyle pump, Bicycle
C: Candles, Clockwork radio

Littlejo Tue 16-Oct-01 13:20:07

Cats! couldn't possibly manage without my 2 furry fiends. Two more mouths to feed, I know - but if they can learn to catch rats they can earn their keep, can't they...?

And what about Car batteries? Is it possible to run lamps, etc off them, or won't they last long enough to be worth the bunker space?

Wornout Tue 16-Oct-01 13:42:41

Computer-otherwise how would we all keep in touch!

Bron Tue 16-Oct-01 20:14:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IDismyname Tue 16-Oct-01 21:12:27

Ummm.... cheese and cakes...definately!

Ailsa Tue 16-Oct-01 22:31:30

Crackers, and to start the D's - Dairylea cheese triangles.

Robinw Wed 17-Oct-01 06:43:49

message withdrawn

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