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what a mess...

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CONNEELY Wed 08-Oct-03 17:58:35

how do i let my daughter feed her self when it goes everywhere,least of all in her mouth.when she finally manages to put any food in her mouth she then insists on taking it out again.
she loves her food and there isnt anything she doesnt like.any advice...

Janstar Wed 08-Oct-03 18:11:56

Get a splat mat! Welcome to motherhood.

CONNEELY Wed 08-Oct-03 18:18:14

its not the floor im worried about,u c it gets in her hair,her eyes,u name it,apart from feeding her naked what can i do?

Janstar Wed 08-Oct-03 18:24:52

I used to make bathtime follow mealtime. Baby wipes are fantastic for clearing up faces and hands too. And those bibs with a scoop at the bottom really help.

CONNEELY Wed 08-Oct-03 18:27:18

i think i am going to have to invest in a few of these,but its sods law,after her dinner i got her undressed down to nappy,then chopped up bannana for her and she ate the whole mess

Janstar Wed 08-Oct-03 18:43:46

I have a photo of dd1 after she had dispensed with her first ever strawberry. It is astonishing how far one strawberry will go, and I believe she ate some of it too!

CONNEELY Wed 08-Oct-03 18:47:20

i am beginning to know the story very well..

janh Wed 08-Oct-03 19:00:12

I have a picture like that of first ever chocolate!

WSM Wed 08-Oct-03 19:12:41

My DD is going thru the same phase. She is really good and will take the loaded fork out of your hand and put the food end in her mouth quite cleanly, then she opens her mouth, sticks her hand in and starts having a good rummage ! Having selected a choice piece of semi digested food she will take it out, inspect it and then out it back in her mouth again. Infuriating but undeniably charming !

CONNEELY Wed 08-Oct-03 19:20:48

its amazing to think they ever put any weight on what ages are your children?

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