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I have spent approx 36 hours of my entire life in Sheffield, but we are moving there.

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TantrumTurtle Fri 17-Jun-11 23:37:59

I would appreciate some help as I am stressing....

I'm a Londoner with 3 girls, 7, 5, 3. I have spent approx 36 hours of my entire life in Sheffield, but we are moving there, and we're not being very original as most likely moving to S7, S10, S11. I was pretty blown away by all that I saw a few weeks ago, but I think I prefer the Nether Edge vibe - older houses, bit less suburban than Millhouses and feels a bit more familiar. BUT, the schools issue is an issue. We just got a letter from the Learning Trust telling us that we hadn't got into to any of the schools, so not quite sure where that leaves us?

My girls go to an 'outstanding' very mixed local school in London, but I don't think we stand much chance of anything so grand in Sheffield, even if we ended up renting next door to the 'dream' school and fighting an appeal. Also sounds even more stressful to me.

In order to get the girls starting school in September we will most likely end up renting prior to buying unless something amazing happens in the meantime. I think this will also put us in a better position to buy the right house in the right place. We've not yet sold, and there doesn't seem to be a lot on the market to buy or even rent for that matter.

We are seeing Dobcroft, and Porter Croft on Monday? Porter Croft said that there wouldn't be a problem getting a place for the girls there?

I really don't want the girls to have to change schools twice. I really don't know how to figure this all out, it is a total chicken and egg situation. Does anyone have any idea of how the appeals process works and how long it takes? Even if we got it, would I find Dobcroft claustrophobically white middle class? Is Porter Croft any good? Does anyone have any insight into the whole packing up and moving your family to somewhere you hardly know?

Thanks for your help.

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