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Corsages or not for ds prom date?

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mountaingirl Mon 13-Jun-11 16:51:53

Ds1 has his prom night on Saturday. He is taking a girl who as far as I know is just a friend. Should I order a corsage for her? Is that the norm? If so can anyone recommend a good florist in Reigate/ Redhill area please.

LordSucre Mon 13-Jun-11 16:59:38

no, i wouldn't. Think it all sounds a bit OTT, but that is my opnion.

I am not keen on all this prom lark, think it is all a bit americanised. Thank god DD has decided not to attend.

mountaingirl Mon 13-Jun-11 18:04:20

Hi, yes it does all seem very americanised. Ds informed me that a group of friends including his date were hiring a limo to arrive at school. The crazy thing is he is a boarder at the school and the cost to him would be £30 if he joins them as they will all be getting ready at a friends! I'm not paying for it!

EssentialFattyAcid Mon 13-Jun-11 18:06:02

Don't know if it is the norm but it would be sweet imo - wouldn't you need to know the colour of her dress though?

I would make it myself, no need for a florist, surely?

LordSucre Mon 13-Jun-11 18:06:43

no, i don't blame you! What is wrong with them all just meeting for a party in smart casual clothes? Have you seen the costs of these prom dresses?? And they are only worn the once. So pleased dd and her friends have decided to just go for a meal between themselves.

mountaingirl Tue 14-Jun-11 16:12:30

EFA unfortunately I can't make the corsage as I'm in France and ds is in Surrey! Don't think it would look very nice. Lovely idea though.

The dress is red, I know that because I have had to buy a tie to match. Found a great site called Direct Quality Ties, ordered the tie and got some matching cufflinks all for £10.98. Ds is really happy with that. Of course the suit wasn't cheap but have got him one that he can wear to interviews or weddings etc, not a real black tie outfit. At least the boys can wear theirs again but as you mention Lord sucre the price of a prom dress is crazy and one rarely ever wears it again. Your daughter sounds very sensible.

Just hope they don't all get legless and embarrass themselves!

Amaretti Tue 14-Jun-11 16:14:05

Uh oh. Not a red rose grin

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