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Bob & Rose - anyone else a fan?

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Emsiewill Mon 08-Oct-01 21:38:30

Just wondered if anyone else loves this as much as I do - every episode makes me cry! I really want their nasty "friends" to stay out of it, and let them live happily ever after.
Hopeless romantic, me?

Rhiannon Mon 08-Oct-01 21:41:41

Just finished watching, it's great. I know it's going to end in tears for Rose. Unfortunately I don't think that gay men change as much as Bob hopes he's going to. Bob's M & D are just like my MIL and FIL, he's so henpecked poor sod!

Emsiewill Mon 08-Oct-01 21:48:20

Rhiannon, I knew you wouldn't let me down! We're obviously 2 of a kind when it comes to TV! I'm still missing Hearts & Bones (now there was a happy ending)

Tlb Tue 09-Oct-01 09:02:26

Love it - I love both main actors too - I think it is based on a true story of two friends of the writer and I think they are married with kids now...? Keeps me going for a happy ending anyway!

Marina Tue 09-Oct-01 09:11:26

Emsiewill, nothing will get me off the sofa on Monday nights between nine and ten. Isn't it brilliant! Like Rhiannon, not sure about the happy ending. And Jessica Stevenson (Holly) deserves a Bafta. She is scary.

Dixie Tue 09-Oct-01 15:24:06

Yes I agree totally, had to tape last nights though....catch up soon.

Jbr Tue 09-Oct-01 20:07:20

I've had political problems with this. Personally I think everyone is an idividual and some people have a fixed sexuality and some won't but this could be read to mean "they can be straight if they want to" by some groups. I've seen a few letters in magazines along those lines.

I had problems with "Queer As Folk" as well. It was a prime opportunity to smash stereotypes but it perpetuated more I thought.

Rhiannon Wed 10-Oct-01 19:05:49

I think all us girlies want Rose to be happy with her new man so she can leave home at last and go into wedded bliss with lovely Bob and have lots of little Bobs and Roses. BUT is Bob too much of a bandit and can he keep his hands off Carl? It would be unfair of Rose to expect a gay man to change, is she expecting too much?

Rivi Thu 11-Oct-01 12:23:21

Just to add my voice, yes I think it's the best thing on tv at moment (which isn't saying much really) but it does take your mind off things which is what I need when I manage to set down to tv. Hope it has a happy ending (soppy me!).

Twinsmum2 Fri 12-Oct-01 16:19:03

I also think that Bob and Rose is great, and was fortunate to be away for the weekend so I could watch Mondays episode in peace, without the kids interfering. The only problem was, I was away with my elderly parents, who hadn't seen it before, and I found the last bit very embarassing(where they were going into the internet chatsite, and Bob and friend were having a very meaningful conversation) with them sitting there! The things I was doing to avert their attention-it felt like being a teenager again!

Rhiannon Thu 18-Oct-01 17:11:34

Well, what did you all think of the ending? Happy ever after? Or are we in for another series next year Bob & Rose II?

Emsiewill Thu 18-Oct-01 18:50:29

I don't know....for some reason, the "happy ending" left me a bit cold - although I said that was what I wanted, I think it was all just a little bit "twee" - Holly saw the error of her ways, put everything right and became a party animal, Bob's mum & dad realised that they loved each other after all, Bob & Rose have a baby. Call me contrary, (you'd be within your rights, as I was the one praying for happily ever after - amazing a difference hormones make at different times of the month!), but I like things to be a little bit more challenging!
Still "Attachments" starts again next week - now there was a great prog (although they've shortened the episodes to 1/2 hour - Booo)

Pamina Fri 19-Oct-01 12:21:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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