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waterbaby Fri 03-Oct-03 20:54:49

Well, we're all talking about the states our houses are in on one thread or another this week... so go on, what do you do really well? I'm a great multi-tasker at work, but there is never enough of me to go around at home, and now I'll be working from home I'd like to 'work smarter' here too... so, my ears open really wide, go on and boast!

sassy Fri 03-Oct-03 21:08:30

Develop short-sightedness, then you can't see dust in corners unless you get really close

waterbaby Fri 03-Oct-03 21:13:28

Already got it, blurred glasses work wonders too!

waterbaby Fri 03-Oct-03 21:14:27

Already got it, blurred glasses work wonders too!

mckenzie Fri 03-Oct-03 21:18:43

clean the bathroom while DS/DD are having their bath (tip suggested by other mumsnetter a while back that I have adopted.

CnR Fri 03-Oct-03 21:24:03

mckenzie - I do that too. Also, if DD is having a bath in the morning do my make up and hair whilst she is in there, using the mirror in her bathroom (not leaving her obviously)

waterbaby Fri 03-Oct-03 21:31:37

I loved the bathtime tip too - that was what got me thinking actually! Works even better now DD will sit down in bath finally after about six weeks of hysteria everytime the bath was run. No idea what caused it, but she's over it now... thank god!

Bron Sat 04-Oct-03 10:14:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sobernow Sat 04-Oct-03 11:13:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beetroot Sat 04-Oct-03 11:18:03

Message withdrawn

Angeliz Sat 04-Oct-03 13:41:05

get some fairy cakes.icing sugar and choc drops/candy starts etc and let her make cakes while you clean the kitchen, then let her wash up, gives me a good hour to do me cupboards

Bron Sat 04-Oct-03 14:29:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thunderbird Sat 04-Oct-03 16:09:34

Not exactly how to get your housework done, but more how to make it look like it! Get Bedspreads! If you've got guests coming and the bedrooms are a mess, shove everything under the bedspread, put it over the bed and smooth it out. Not only hides the junk but looks tidy and attractive too! I sometimes leave bedroom doors open if visitors are coming as it looks more inviting and lets light through. ALso had lots of guests in our bedroom when baby was in there.

LIZS Sat 04-Oct-03 16:53:48

Get a cordless phone and when you are getting into a chat go to kitchen, get damp bit of kitchen towel and move around taking off layer of dust or use those household wipes to wipe over bathroom. Also never move from one room to another without taking something with you.

I'm a fine one to talk - despite this our flat is still full of clutter and feels untidy.

colette Sat 04-Oct-03 17:11:51

When using a cordless phone free up both hands by putting a pair of tights on your head (I use dds wooly ones) This way I can put all the washing away , cook or wash up whilst talking to my mum .
I know it flattens your hair but If its a long call its worth it.

kmg1 Sat 04-Oct-03 18:07:56

Put a basket at the bottom of the stairs to put things in that belong upstairs. Saves you endless trips up and down stairs. Always take it up with you to empty and put away when you go up the stairs. (But don't expect anyone else in the house to do so )

janh Sat 04-Oct-03 18:10:19

colette, LOL at the tights-on-head - hope you never answer the door forgetting they're there!

zippy539 Sat 04-Oct-03 18:54:58

I;m sorry but I just about peed myself laughing at the tights on head! ( ummm should have done those pelvic floor exercises... ) What a fantastic idea - just need to root through the clutter to actually find sme tights...

zippy539 Sat 04-Oct-03 18:56:20

I've just nearly peed myself laughing at the tights on head! ( ummm should have done those pelvic floor exercises... ) What a fantastic idea - just need to root through the clutter to actually find sme tights...

codswallop Sat 04-Oct-03 18:57:08

I use those wipes and have them secreted around te house so you can do a quick swoop when you have a mo.

fisil Sun 05-Oct-03 09:25:40

Do you have to put the tights on before you answer the phone? Do you have them permanently there, like you would a handsfree set? I love the idea, I'm just trying to work out the logistics of it.

waterbaby Mon 06-Oct-03 12:05:25

Can we have some tights-tips for dummies please Colette? Fisil and I have got them over our heads like Balaclavas and can't even see where the phone is (they are woolly-school-type ones)... but the house looks really clean, bit blue, but clean.

Seriously love the idea but how does it work?

Janstar Mon 06-Oct-03 12:11:19

The tights tip sounds like it would be really practical but hilariously funny. Reminds me of years ago when I used to rent out rooms. My ex's bald friend fell asleep and he attached a plunger to his head while he was asleep. Then when he woke up someone came round to look at a room and he showed them round the whole house with this plunger on his head. When the guy left baldy said, 'he didn't seem very interested for some reason...'

Grommit Mon 06-Oct-03 12:36:40

Colette - LOL at the thought! You can buy earpieces or headsets for cordless phones. I get all my housework done when working from home (on conference calls) or chatting to friends!

fisil Mon 06-Oct-03 21:33:59

Hurry up Colette. My legs are getting cold.

How will I hear the phone ringing?

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