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seven yr old daughter wants a doll's pram for christmas is she too old?

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cutekids Sun 13-Nov-05 21:00:02

She's only the height of a five year old but she has the attitude of a fifteen year old! She's usually quite a tomboy but her heart is set on a "proper doll's pram"- in other words a life-like one. (She has a six yr old brother and a five year old sister and she'd seen me pushing prams right from the word go which is probably why she's so taken with them.However, she was always too small before to use one. Now she's the right height but well above the correct mental age!)We don't know whether to go for it or to keep telling her she's too old. I watch her go the same page in the Argos catalogue over and over again...what do I do?

marne Sun 13-Nov-05 21:02:10

I was still playing with dolls when i was 7, think i played with them till i was 10 and i was a tom boy. If thats what she wants then get it for her.

WigWamBam Sun 13-Nov-05 21:03:21

I think that if she wants one then she's not too old for one.

Chandra Sun 13-Nov-05 21:05:04

My neighbour just got one for her twins and they are 9 yrs old.

DingDongMaloryOnHigh Sun 13-Nov-05 21:08:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nutcracker Sun 13-Nov-05 21:09:22

Hmm my Dd (now 8) wanted a pram last year, i was unsure but she begged and so i got it.

She has played with it about 5 times in the past year.

kcemum Sun 13-Nov-05 21:09:28

My DD got a pram for christmas last year when she was 7. If she really wants one then make her happy!!

cutekids Sun 13-Nov-05 21:09:30

I know what you're saying Marne but I was playing with Barbies-well Sindys actually until I was about 12!-but we weren't like the kids are today were we? (Sorry, I'm 37 so i'm probably one of the older mums on this site anyway!)My Mum thinks she's far too old for that sort of thing, however, I do remember craving a "Tiny Tears" when I was a little girl and my Mum refused me cos I had "far too many dolls!".

KBear Sun 13-Nov-05 21:22:54

I think it's sad to think 7 is too old for dolls! What is the world coming to? (sounding like my Nan and tsk tsking) . I think if you think she'll play with it, get it, she'll be thrilled.

edam Sun 13-Nov-05 21:25:21

Buy her the pram - she really wants it, bless her and she's not too old at all. I remember my parents trying to talk me out of asking Father Christmas for more dolls on the grounds that I had several already - they just didn't get it and it was very frustrating not being able to explain it to them, beyond saying 'yes, I do want a doll for Christmas'.

starlover Sun 13-Nov-05 21:35:00

omg 7 isn't too old for a pram!
i am only 25 but i played with my dolls til i was about 11!!!!

get it for her... she'll be so disappointed on christmas day if it isn't there... she is still just a little girl!

cutekids Sun 13-Nov-05 21:35:15

yes! I was the same Edam! I was-apparently-"spoiled" according to all my friends because I was an only child. My Mum used to get me x 1 pressie-apart from my stocking-for Christmas and it was always a very "good" present...!(but it was what she wanted me to have not what I wanted).We've bought PlayStation 2 for the 3 of them and-yes I know....!it's a great pressie but you can't wrap it up can you? In my experience, kids like to unwrap pressies and they don't understand money they just want the same size pressie as their siblings!!!I stress out every year trying to make sure that they have the same size pressies!!!!!Thinking about it i'm probably completely stupid aren't I?

mears Sun 13-Nov-05 21:35:54

No she isn't too old - my DD wanted one last year and she was 11!

cutekids Sun 13-Nov-05 21:37:23

AAH yes but did you get her one?!

cutekids Sun 13-Nov-05 21:46:37

anyone know of a pram that's got a good handle extension?

kama Sun 13-Nov-05 21:48:26

Message withdrawn

Caligula Sun 13-Nov-05 21:52:13

Definitely not too old.

cutekids Sun 13-Nov-05 21:52:29

ha ha!!!didn't think of it in that way Kama!!!

colditz Sun 13-Nov-05 21:58:44

my next door naighbour's daughtwer is 7 amd is permanently stomping round on the drive with a pram, tatty dolly, and her mum's heels on. I see kids of 10 walking round with toy pushchairs, or if they are tall, adult abandoned pushchairs. This is a rough estate (hence abandoned pushchairs) and the children grow up quick, but they still play with dolls until they are about 10. I've seen them!

suedonim Sun 13-Nov-05 23:22:35

She's absolutely not too old! 9yo Dd2 has a buggy and a Silver Cross twin carriage pram and has endless pleasure with them. She has one particular friend who is a bit older but the two of them invariably play dolls and prams together. I paid 100gbp second-hand for the Silver Cross for dd1, 15yrs ago and it's been worth every penny. I could probably sell it for the same or even more now but have no plans to do so! It'll go in the attic when dd has outgrown it, ready for the grandchildren.

Tortington Mon 14-Nov-05 00:01:40

nooooooooooooo course shes not too old.

crazychick83 Mon 14-Nov-05 23:26:12

She's not at all to old. I'm only 22 and loved my dolls for way past 7. If she wants one so much get her one, the smile on her face on christmas day will be worth every penny. Also if she has a 5 year old sister i'm sure she'll enjoy it to. I say go for it.

cutekids Mon 21-Nov-05 21:00:51

ok....where the hell can i get a doll's pram for between 5-11 year old????? Argos permanently sold out of Mamas and Papas Ultima Junior which seems to be the one which would be brilliant for my daughter/....daughters now as five year old thinks she might have the same now.....!I've looked on SilverCross aswell but they all keep reverting to Argos and even Mailorder Express (who are usually brilliant for toys) are out of stock of all the ones that would suit.Take it doll's prams are the most popular pressie this year?.......!!!!?

charlietherednosedpussy Mon 21-Nov-05 21:01:40

d and a toys?

cutekids Mon 21-Nov-05 21:02:58

Sorry? D and A ?

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