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Galt Linkies Black and White Sheep

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Bron Thu 02-Oct-03 14:00:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Posey Thu 02-Oct-03 21:21:41

Ds loves his too so sorry can't offer you ours just now. But they don't stay on the rings very well do they? We were forever losing them off the rings so I bought some strap things, like you get on Buggybuddy books. Now they stay firmly attached to pram or whatever. I got the straps when dd was tiny, in an independent chemists.
If ds suddenly goes off his you will be more than welcome to the sheep

Bron Fri 03-Oct-03 10:41:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AllyWB Sat 04-Oct-03 22:12:38

If you need to contact Galt direct to get spares, tel: 0161 367 2000 (Hyde, Manchester. Their customer support are great

gingernut Sat 04-Oct-03 22:57:00

Tescos sell (or used to sell) toy ties which are brilliant for securing toys. I did consider making my own with a length of tape and poppers but was too lazy! The Galt links are hopeless aren't they?

mammya Sat 04-Oct-03 23:57:21

I think I still have the complete set somewhere, if I do I could send the lot to you? The musical one (is it the sheep?) doesn't work anymore though, as far as I remember.

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