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Woodland middle school Flitwick your advice

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wineandnibbles Tue 24-May-11 12:27:27

Thinking of making an offer on a house in Greenlands, Pulloxhill. The middle school catchment is Flitwick. The OFSTED doesn't look good but i hear there's been a new Head and it's improving. I'm looking for a Year 6 and 8 place in September. What do you know?? I've been told Alameda is oversubscribed.

kazpoll Mon 04-Jul-11 17:34:17

My daughter started Woodlands last September in Year 5 and cannot praise the school enough. She did not go the normal catchment school for our village which is Arnold as previously my son went there and was not happy at all with it. My daughter loves going to school, is academically flying and challenged all the time as she is very bright. The extra curricular activites are superb and the children get some fabulous opportunites. Woodlands is an excellent school and is improving all the time. The ofsted report is so out of date it should be disregarded. The head, Mr Conquest is a very strong headmaster and the school offers excellent education and values. I would highly recommend it.

TotallyTina Wed 06-Jul-11 16:47:25

Sorry, but I have to disagree, but it probably depends on your child as well.
I have moved out of the area because of the inadequacy of Woodlands.
The head is in my opinion not strong and I have had lots of problems. My 11 year old, kicked in head and stomach by year 7 and no first aid, they did not even bother to call me to tell me, he just came home from school like that. School. Still waiting for a proper explanation and excuse.
Lots of talk on football mornings Saturdays how bad they are, communication is really week. They go for that the children need to take responsability, but its an excuse for week communication and lack of focus. A big no form me.
The kids normally catch up again when they go to Redbourne, which is excellent.

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