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Good websites for baby clothes?

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Jemma7 Tue 30-Sep-03 10:17:02

Can anyone give me some ideas on websites that have nice baby clothes?

I have looked on next, mothercare etc but am looking for something a bit different for my new nephew - Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

codswallop Tue 30-Sep-03 10:19:39

Boden - quite expensive though

Next obv...

marialuisa Tue 30-Sep-03 10:27:30

Try, they do lots of "designer stuff" but the prices are usually a bit cheaper and they have a sort of bargain section.

If you can get to a branch of gymboree they have lovely stuff, not sure if you can order from their website though.

whatsaname Tue 30-Sep-03 10:32:52

Gymboree do clothes?

WSM Tue 30-Sep-03 10:46:28 have some nice boys stuff too.

WSM Tue 30-Sep-03 10:47:45

As do

lucy123 Tue 30-Sep-03 11:11:20

Note that the Kids Window do a Mumsnet discount - type MUMSNET into the box on the checkout (first page of checkout, top right)

Twinkie Tue 30-Sep-03 11:28:52

Message withdrawn

Twinkie Tue 30-Sep-03 11:40:12

Message withdrawn

Jemma7 Tue 30-Sep-03 12:02:31

Yeah Twinkie it is the new one - 2 days old!

DP's brother and sister in law aren't too well off so want to try and help out as much as poss without getting in the way!

Will try all of these suggestions!

marialuisa Tue 30-Sep-03 14:15:52

Yeah, I really like them, tend to be 100% cotton and practical, so lots of jeans and leggings but they're a bit different. The boys stuff is nice too but can be a bit too American for my tastes at times...
Anyway branches I know of: Regent Street, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Manchester-Trafford Centre.

gooseygosling Thu 02-Oct-03 21:06:29

Well, I'm rather biased, as it's actually my business, but you can find some really cool and unusual stuff at Everything we stock is exclusive to us in the UK and we have limited stock so you're not going to see two babies in the same thing. Check it out. (I think I'm allowed to mention this as I'm advertising here at the moment!!!).

thirtysomething Thu 02-Oct-03 22:06:50

there's a fab Australian chain called Pumpkin Patch that do really bright but not too weird stuff and it's really reasonable too - they're supposed to be launching an online store any day now at

bobsmum Thu 02-Oct-03 22:09:57 always have good sales on for the Kushie range of clothes (Canadian I think). Kushie nappies are crud but the rest of the range is really nice and original.
Bright Bots are cute too - try SnazzyKids

lubu Thu 02-Oct-03 22:12:47

This site sells new but discounted designer stuff and this one sells used designer clothes.

Have never brought anything off either so I can't say what their service is like, but I heard about them on a radio interview.

Katherine Fri 03-Oct-03 09:02:27

Lubu - I've used them and they were great. Just got DD some christian Dior boots for the price of normal clarkes ones. Postage is free if you spend £100 but you can combine orders from both sites. Might sound a lot but there is so much gorgeous stuff on there.

Mylo Wed 03-Jun-09 18:34:23

I think Boden baby clothes are gorgeous. Nordic Kids is a great site for funky baby clothes too and I have recently bought some lovely stuff from here

np80123 Wed 17-Jun-09 14:37:27

I bought 3 baby dresses from Universal Textiles, I didn't pay lot and when I received the goods they were very good quality. I would give them a try.

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