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HELP! my washing has turned blue....

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elliott Mon 29-Sep-03 19:38:17

Serves me right for being such a domestic no hoper, but I've just pulled out a load of washing into which I'd thrown ds's new Gap T-shirt, and now his sheet, grobag and blanket are vivid blue....
Is there anything at all I can do? I know SOMEONE out there will know if there is....
Thanks for any suggestions!!

Tinker Mon 29-Sep-03 19:40:19

Soak in bleach and salt - should remove the blue. I think

Oakmaiden Mon 29-Sep-03 19:40:56

Isn't there a special sort of washing stuff that you can wash it in that takes out "qaccidental dye". I know when i managed to dye one pillowcase (from my favourite set) I found something like this at the supermarket. It wasn't wonderful - but it did tkae out most of the extra colour, without fading the original colour too much.

beetroot Mon 29-Sep-03 19:42:26

Message withdrawn

Oakmaiden Mon 29-Sep-03 19:45:46

wonder what qaccidental dye is?

hoxtonchick Mon 29-Sep-03 19:46:02

John Lewis definitely does some stuff that gets rid of accidental dye, like Oakmaiden said, but I can't be any more specific than that. Useless really....

lou33 Mon 29-Sep-03 19:47:38

Buy something called colour run. Boots, Superdrug or chemists should sell it. It strips accidental colour out of clothes. Works too.

Chinchilla Mon 29-Sep-03 19:49:56

elliott - does the blue look really bad? I dies ds's lemon sheet with something blue (jeans or something), and it went a horrible limey green If the blue is OK, and not too many people are going to see the items, can't you just leave them as they are? I'm just a lazy cow, and it's not as if it's a white work shirt or anything

Posey Mon 29-Sep-03 19:50:49

I'm sure it is called diegone Beetroot (or should that be dyegone?). I think its made by the same people who do Glowhite. You get it in the washing powder section in supermarkets.

elliott Mon 29-Sep-03 20:07:29

Hey, thanks everyone! (look, I even remembered to say thank you )
Think I will have a quick go with some bleach (I'm afraid I am too busy/knackered/lazy to go and buy something specially, but I'll try and remember to get some in for next time....)
Chinchilla, its not too bad (by my very low standards anyway!) - as you might have guessed, I am NOT in the habit of separating coloureds and whites so I have had the odd accident before and generally just live with it - but this is much the worst I've managed!
Thanks again.

robinw Tue 30-Sep-03 05:34:12

message withdrawn

Posey Tue 30-Sep-03 20:48:46

There's also somthing called ColourCatcher, or something like that, which comes in little sheets. You bung it in the machine if you've got a bit of a mixed wash or one of those awkward things like a blue & white striped top and don't know whether to put it with light or dark stuff.
Its supposed to absorb leaking colour.

boyandgirl Tue 30-Sep-03 21:37:48

Be careful with your 'newly blues', because they'll keep on running blue into everything else. (I've done it too!) The de-dying stuffs tend to work better if you haven't washed the dyed things since dying them, IYSWIM, but to be honest I've never found one that really got rid of all the dye.

Does anyone know how to fix dye? If I'm going to have to live with the results of my laundry gaffs, I'd like at least not to turn evrything a miserable shade of pink/blue/green/purple...

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