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M&S warehouses/discount stores

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mckenzie Sun 28-Sep-03 20:34:41

I'm sure that i've been told in the past that there are warehouses or stores that sell ex stock items or seconds of M&S furniture.
Of course I now cannot remember where they are or who told me!

Does anyone know please?

hoxtonchick Sun 28-Sep-03 20:39:48

There's one at the MacArthur Glen "designer outlet" in York - have a look here . You have to be feeling strong to go there (DP utterly refuses....), but there are some good shops. I got one of ds's sleeping bags at the M&S outlet, and they have a lot of stuff for 99p at Gap.

Bugger, I've just read your post again & seen you want furniture. Oh well, managed my very first link....

Wid Sun 28-Sep-03 20:56:42

The place you might be looking for could be Bucks Furniture Warehouse, John Carrs Estate, Burton-on Trent (tel. 01283 510588). I've never been as it's too far away, but when the one near me closed down they gave me a card for Burton-on-Trent and I've kept it since. I hope it's still there because I used to buy all M&S furniture at Bucks half price. It was a sad day when my local one closed down!

beetroot Mon 29-Sep-03 08:56:59

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Mon 29-Sep-03 09:04:37

MacArthur Glen have an outlet mall at Ashford too, with an M&S store.

mckenzie Mon 29-Sep-03 20:19:11

thanks for your replies.
I need a console table in the Lichfield range which apparently M&S no longer stock (they still do Lichfield furniture but not the console table and we need it to match our other bits)

We're in North London but will travel to wherever is necessary.

beetroot Mon 29-Sep-03 20:20:01

Message withdrawn

mckenzie Mon 29-Sep-03 20:26:10

thanks beetroot, i'll call them Where are they please?

beetroot Mon 29-Sep-03 20:27:38

Message withdrawn

mckenzie Mon 29-Sep-03 20:32:04

sorry! Hadn't twigged that 'Street' was the place and not just a street, if you get my meaning!

beetroot Fri 03-Oct-03 15:35:31

Message withdrawn

runragged Sun 05-Oct-03 22:33:06

There is an M&S outlet store in Bude, Cornwall. It is called N&S Stores, can't think what street it's on but it's not that big a place. People come from all over the country apparently. The shop doesn't look like much but I believe he has a warehouse an you make an appointment. I'm sure he'll be in the Yellow pages. HTH

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