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How do you become a Special Agent ?

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Beetroot Mon 07-Nov-05 20:57:50

Message withdrawn

binkie Mon 07-Nov-05 20:59:48

Apparently when you are at university you get a letter saying, "Would you be interested in applying for a position which is not generally advertised to the public?".

binkie Mon 07-Nov-05 21:00:46

No doubt MN could arrange for ds to be sent one, a little early.

mumofelise Mon 07-Nov-05 21:01:05

sis are advertising for staff right now on civil servant job site

Beetroot Mon 07-Nov-05 21:10:26

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Mon 07-Nov-05 21:11:53

My ex husband's dad was a high-ranking 'diplomat' complete w/diplomatic passport - he's now retired. Most he'll admit to was having the highest security classification an American can have, but that's about it. He was a spy and secret arms trader. But he started as a military officer who'd seen active combat and then did a master's in Asian Economics. He'd been born to a German father and a first-generation American mother (whose parents were German) and spoke several languages very fluently.

Definitely not the 'type' you'd think of as a spy, though.

mumofelise Mon 07-Nov-05 21:12:49

i think mi5/mi6 have changed their name. not sure but they are advertising, i think it's secret intellegence service or something. if i remember you do need a degree

expatinscotland Mon 07-Nov-05 21:13:24

Yeah, you usually need a degree. Military training is helpful as well.

expatinscotland Mon 07-Nov-05 21:15:07

NOT a career I'd chose, especially now. The possibility of winding up the only unhooded person in a beheading video is quite high.

Beetroot Mon 07-Nov-05 21:15:07

Message withdrawn

Pruni Mon 07-Nov-05 21:16:23

Message withdrawn

fimac1 Mon 07-Nov-05 21:16:28

Apply on line to their website - politics degree would help but not that much. GCHQ also have an on-line application service. The university trawls do still go on (GCHQ go to all the Uni job fairs) SIS=M16 and SS=MI5 SIS do international security threats and SS do UK based security threats

Beetroot Mon 07-Nov-05 21:17:36

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Mon 07-Nov-05 21:18:18

Message withdrawn

fimac1 Mon 07-Nov-05 21:19:57

At least he has some idea of what he wants to do already! Make sure he stays off drugs and keeps a clean record as far as the police goes until he applies

soapbox Mon 07-Nov-05 21:23:31

A 1st class PPE degree from Oxford ought to do the trick - no pressure or anything

fimac1 Mon 07-Nov-05 21:26:50

International Politics degree and Chinese dialect & or Arabic would def help

Beetroot Mon 07-Nov-05 21:29:34

Message withdrawn

Fauve Mon 07-Nov-05 21:40:29

My neice wants to be in MI5. Apparently they've been advertising in Cosmo (yes, Cosmo the mag) and there was a piece about it on Woman's Hour last week, you could doubtless listen on Listen Again.

I'd use it to make him work

binkie Mon 07-Nov-05 21:43:44

oh yes I know you meant as a real career, I just thought he might enjoy a bit of entertaining encouragement now.

PPE at Oxford (per soapbox) is the one where you get the letter. But it Depends On Your Tutor. Or used to. Nowadays it's probably anything where you seem ambitious and broad-horizoned. I expect SOAS is good.

Beetroot Mon 07-Nov-05 21:51:46

Message withdrawn

baka Mon 07-Nov-05 22:35:29

language hekp- they usesd to like russian. Arabic probably now.

justquietly Tue 08-Nov-05 10:47:15

My University tutor (US and Soviet foreign policy) put my name forward. There are thousands of applicants and the selection process is horrendous. But having said that, it was the best job I ever had. All the successful applicants had more than a basic degree, and languages and maths as a combination was highly sought after - though that was some years ago.

MrsFogi Wed 09-Nov-05 16:06:21

Make sure he's good at languages if he fancies MI6.
I got invited along to MI6 (didn't know it was that until I got there - v. neutral letter asking if I'd like to discuss possibilities with (I think - v. long time ago now) the foreign office) after I'd been along to a selection day for a government post (apparently I had the right profile + capacity for languages)! Nearly died during the interview when they explained what the job really was + got me to sign the official secrets act (figure sharing this on an anonymous basis on mn doesn't breach that!)! I hasten to say that I didn't pursue that path after the interview although dh of course thought it would have been great (clearly he believes in James Bond).

DaddyCool Wed 09-Nov-05 16:11:31

the eagle has landed. the fat man walks alone.

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