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olds kids clothes to foster careers

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codKEMP Thu 03-Nov-05 21:12:15

ive posted this before but i have found that foster care ers are really pleased to have old clothes ( in perfect nick of course) if you cant face the nct sale or ebay

i ahve given ds3s to a lovely woman9 and freind) who is really pleased to dress him up to look lovely.

they really dont get much money to kit kids out w ho often come in a pair of pjs only so please trya nd find you who you can give yours to.

codKEMP Thu 03-Nov-05 21:12:40

thsi looke liek careers! mean careres god how DO you spell it

roisin Thu 03-Nov-05 21:26:49

LOL at first I read you'd given ds3 to a lovely woman!

codKEMP Thu 03-Nov-05 21:30:31

no his clothes!!
an a mount ofwhich were new for him ( wrong season)

do do it guys
she said today that epople had been admiring his togs!

codKEMP Thu 03-Nov-05 22:16:44


Stilltrue Thu 03-Nov-05 22:42:30

OI mate; who done your lip then?
Seriously - good idea

QueenEagle Thu 03-Nov-05 22:45:10

Foster carers get an allowance especially for kitting out any newly placed foster kids. SS provide a basic wardrobe list that all kids should have and the carers get the dosh for it. After that, the carers buy it out of the fostering allowance.

codKEMP Fri 04-Nov-05 13:43:54

bumpo eroney

Rubyx Wed 27-Jul-11 08:09:24

Carers do get money, but some of the ones i met say it covers basics, at prices such as those in Primarks, so if you can top it up with some quality donations it's all good isn't it.

5GoMadOnAZ650 Wed 27-Jul-11 08:13:53

Also as my parents have found that sometimes kids are placed late at night wearing literally rags, just something to wear whilst they can go shopping for new is appreciated. My parents recently had 4 siblings placed late at night, luckily I could botch a nightwear outfit and a day outfit out of my dc's clothes for them.

colditz Wed 27-Jul-11 08:20:41

Foster carers do get money to kit kids out but if they are suddenly landed with 3 small terrified and traumatised children, the last thing they are going to want to do the very next day is drag them around clothes shopping. They need a stash, and as they don't get the money until they have the child, it can be very difficult to Keep an adequate stash to cover all situations.

colditz Wed 27-Jul-11 08:21:22

And outof all the kids who deserve some nice quality donations, I'd say foster kids do.

BelleDameSansMerci Wed 27-Jul-11 08:23:48

I can see this is an old thread but still think it's a good idea. How do you find out who fosters?

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