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Advice needed (I'm nearly sure I'm being daft)

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JoPat Wed 24-Sep-03 21:39:55

Hi this seems really stupid as I'm writing it.

I have a dd at 7.5 months. I am only breastfeeding at night when she wakes up and when I come home fom work. Dd only really wants a comfort, not much milk available.

I had a period 5/6 weeks ago but I've had nothing since.

I have had sex and used condoms.

Are my hormones all over the plese and I should expect a period when I least expect it or should I hope for one very, very soon!!!!

As I've said I'm nearly sure I'm being daft.

marthamoo Wed 24-Sep-03 21:46:01

JoPat, it seems highly unlikely to me that you are pregnant - you have been using contraception and you are still bf-ing. My periods were all over the place after I had my babies. The only way to be sure though is to do a test..I would say bite the bullet and put your mind at rest.

JoPat Wed 24-Sep-03 21:50:41

Thanks marthamoo,
I did feel stupid as I was writing.

marthamoo Wed 24-Sep-03 21:53:27

JoPat, it's not stupid at all. As someone who has the most crazily irregular periods imaginable I've had more pregnancy scares that most people have had hot dinners. And every single one has been a false alarm. Try to stop worrying

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