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Finding Nemo

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Tom Tue 23-Sep-03 23:45:20

Has anyone seen it? I was in LA when it was being launched in the States (May this year) and when it came to getting my boy a pressie, I nipped into Disneyland - Nemo was everywhere, so I bought him a fluffy Nemo.

He adores it - has snuggled it every night for the last 6 months, and now the film is coming out in the UK, we've got a book of the story (with sound buttons to press), so he knows the story and all the characters.

He's only 3 and a bit, and while he's seen quite a few films, I think this will be the first one he'll see when he really understands the story, knows who is in it etc etc.

I can't wait to see it with him - I'm as excited as he is (mind you, first time I took him to the flicks, I spent the whole time watching him eating his popcorn and staring in amazement and the ginormous telly).

And I guess it's a good film for dads - very strong daddy theme - Nemo's dad is a single father who goes to the ends of the ocean to rescue his boy, cos he loves him so much - one for you lot to send your partners out with the kids methinks.

misdee Tue 23-Sep-03 23:46:32

i've seen some of it, its very good.

Ghosty Wed 24-Sep-03 03:35:26

Tom ... I was going to put out a thread on Finding Nemo a couple of weeks ago as it came out in NZ at the beginning of this month and we took DS to see it for Father's Day (7 Sept in NZ).
We absolutely loved it! Tip top flick in my opinion!
We took DS to see Jungle Book 2 and the Piglet movie before and were really bored although we loved watching DS transfixed with the 'ginormous telly' (that is what my DS calls it too!) but Finding Nemo is like Toy Story and Monsters Inc in that there is so much humour in it to appeal to grown ups too that it is just a great thing to watch together as a family!
I was a bit worried that it might be a bit scary for DS (he is a bit of a sensitive flower is my boy!) and he has only ever seen Monsters Inc and Shrek on video ... but amazingly he wasn't frightened at all by any of the fish or the sharks or anything that I expected him to be frightened of - not even the huge scary Australian shark called Bruce. Bizarrely the only thing he was frightened of was the human ... the little girl who wants to take Nemo home in a bag. DS was terrified of her because the characters were too ... so he watched that bit with his hands over his eyes. My DS is going to be 4 in November so taking in account his sensitive nature I think he was just about old enough ... If your DS is a robust youngster then he would love it!!
I thought it was an excellent film ... a really good laugh ... great for Dads but fun for us Mummies too!!!!!
Take him, take him, take him! Have fun!!

pie Wed 24-Sep-03 06:04:04

DD is 4 and we've all seen is fantastic!!! I think that it is a million times better than Toy Story and Monsters Inc. I really was laughing out loud, and being the old cynic I am that never happens anymore.

If I ruled the world everyone would have to see this movie.

hmb Wed 24-Sep-03 07:19:51

Re the going to the Cinema scaring kids because of the noise/dark. Our local Odeon has a child friendly showing where they dim the lights , but not so much, and reduce the sound output a bit. I'm hoping to take the kids to see Nemo, sounds great

susanmt Wed 24-Sep-03 07:19:52

We saw it on the plane on the way to Canada in August and then there was an exhibition about it at the Aquariuum in Vancouver while we were there.It was the highlight of dd's holiday and she has gone on about it ever since. She's 3.5 and we have to 'play nemo' almost every day - and we saw it over 6 weeks ago, once! I too was worried about it being scarey but she was also only scared of the little girl. Its hilarious and really beautifully made (dh in raptures about amazing computer animation etc). Go and see it! We will be going again.

Bron Wed 24-Sep-03 10:38:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

suedonim Wed 24-Sep-03 17:14:14

It must be the No 1 movie on plane trips as DD watched it twice, back-to-back, on our way home from LA three weeks ago!! She loved it and because we'd just been to the Aquarium of the Pacific in LA, she recognised the types of fish. Having just stroked a real live shark, she wasn't at all scared of the shark. The film is cute and children seem to love it but I must admit, it didn't do much for me.

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