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Christening Gifts

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Emmam Thu 27-Sep-01 14:27:32

Eek - what can I buy my God-daughter as a christening gift? Do you still have your childhood christening gifts? What meant a lot to you? Any suggestions? I've got 3 weeks!

Bron Thu 27-Sep-01 18:11:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ems Thu 27-Sep-01 18:38:22

I'd buy some pretty silver jewellery and put it in a pretty box.

Chairmum Thu 27-Sep-01 19:15:26

There's always the traditional silver bracelet or gold cross necklace. Or what about collectibles? I know opinion is divided on them (whether they are naff or not!) but one of my DD's has a collection of the Brambly Hedge chinaware and books. Book collections are good as you can add to them as the years go by for birthdays and Xmas.

Morgie Thu 27-Sep-01 22:01:35

there is a website that sells silver jewellery but they also sell sterling silver christening spoons, like the traditional welsh love spoon. They start at £25.
I thought they made a change from the normal run of the mill pressies!!

Slug Fri 28-Sep-01 09:16:29

Savings bonds or start a stakeholder pension for them, you can get away with as little as £20 per month. The gift that keeps on giving.

Hmonty Fri 28-Sep-01 10:32:01

I was given a small silver vase for my christening which I still have. It was used on the top of my wedding cake as well which added special meaning. Also was given a silver propelling pencil engraved with my name and some sixpences (showing my age!) with my birth year on them. All of these I treasure. My sisters were both given silver bracelets of a kiddie size...which of course means they can't use them as 'grown ups'....Seems a shame. So if you buy jewelry I'd make it adult sized.

How about a set of money from the childs birth year. I'm sure somewhere like the post office does these in presentation boxes. Or a set of stamps...No, maybe a bit anorak-ie! For boys I like to give cuff links.

Sjs Fri 28-Sep-01 12:37:28

We gave our God daughter a silver picture frame - parents use it now for a picture of her and when she is older she can use it.

My sister in law has her silver napkin ring (engraved) from her chistening. My brother didn't have one so she got one for him one Xmas, and their son got one for his christening. They really like that.

Joe Fri 28-Sep-01 12:40:50

I always think a nice St Christopher or cross is a nice gift, but one they can wear when they are a little bit older.

Alisong Fri 28-Sep-01 12:57:51

I bought a tree for the Community Forest - the child gets a certificate and the parents can go along in person and plant it so they have pictures to show in years to come. In my area it's the Forest of Avon but I'm sure other areas do it too.

Emmam Fri 28-Sep-01 13:53:08

Thanks for the ideas! Keep 'em coming! I like the tree planting and the coins and will explore those further. I think you're right as well, jewellery could be a safe option. I'll let you know what I get!

Mima Fri 28-Sep-01 15:29:49

My favourite gift we were given for our son was a First Edition Peter Rabbit book. I also loved the silver photograph frames. The rest of the gifts, silvery cutlary sets, pieces of China, etc are all still in their boxes in the cupboard and will probably not be used.

The other favourite thing I got and was probably the cheapest was from Scotts of Stow and it was an A4 print of the meaning of his name. My friend said it was only £12.95 and she took it out the cheap frame it came in and framed it in mahogany. It really is very pretty.

Another original thing we got from my little niece was a lovely wooden box with a copy of The Times in it, number one record at the time and some photographs of her and my son.

Faith Fri 28-Sep-01 19:15:35

I bought my goddaughter a Victorian silver brooch dated exactly 100 years before the year of her birth, and one godson a Victorian silver fruit knife with similar 100 year provenance.

Binza Fri 28-Sep-01 19:21:32

My eldest daughter was given a little wooden stool with her name painted on it and a design. I can't tell you how useful it has been eg standing at the sink to clean her teeth when she couldn't reach.
I have since done three myself as gifts for my other children and friends. You don't need to be brilliant at painting and it is something very personal which they can use for ever - even if it's only to put a plant on. It's also a bit different.

Joe Fri 28-Sep-01 21:11:51

Binza thats a really good idea Im going to keep that in mind for future pressies, in fact might do one for my Goddaughters birthday next month.

Dixie Mon 01-Oct-01 10:34:27

When our son was christened last year we got the normal traditional gifts; silver cutlery, silver piggy bank, St Christopher etc but the unusal one that brought a lump to my throat was a Star. An old family friend had bought him a star named after him, He got a framed certificate with all the factual info, a map of where it is in the solar system so when he is older we intend to set up a telescope to show him. The attached card read "They say everyone is famous for 15 minutes but JAMIE will always be a star!". It was unusual and very nicely recieved.

Emmam Mon 01-Oct-01 11:22:01

Aaah, that's beautiful.

Hmonty Mon 08-Oct-01 11:55:56

Just had another thought....How about piece celebrating the golden jubilee? Just got a leaflet through the door about a commemorative £5 coin....It only costs £5 post or packing charges. If you're interested check out rest of the web site has info about other commemorative issue things ie coins, stamps etc....

Bron Tue 09-Oct-01 09:20:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Emmam Wed 10-Oct-01 11:47:48

I've decided to buy a Noah's Ark. I had a catalogue through the door yesterday from a company called Next Door. They had the most beautiful wooden, painted Noah's ark, with fourteen animals and a Mr & Mrs Noah. They labelled it as as ideal christening gift and I thought 'why not'. As it looks so well made its the sort of thing she can play with now and, providing she's not completely destructive, is something she can keep for her children.

God, I hope they've got one in stock!

Ems Wed 10-Oct-01 12:05:58

Emmam, just incase you have a problem with next door, I know of two other places you can order them from:

Dawson & Co: 08700 367 869 £26.99
31cm x 18 x 18. Removable rood, 3 portholes, ramp, 12 pairs of animals and Mr & Mrs

The Hill Toy Company 0870 607 1248 £29.95
Pull along (36cm x 16 x 27) 14 animals, Mr & Mrs

Its a lovely idea. I am inundated with magazine/catalogues because of looking for a toy farm, so if anyone else if on a hunt let me know!!!

Emmam Thu 11-Oct-01 07:23:09

Phew - Next Door did have one in stock and it should be with me next week! I also ordered some stocking fillers too, and a little something for a friends imminent baby!!! Aarrghh!!

Mima Wed 17-Oct-01 14:05:31

Just got the Hamleys Christmas Catalogue - They have a farm on p.18. I ordered it on Saturday and got it yesterday morning.

Emmam Thu 18-Oct-01 11:01:04

Got my Noah's Ark! It is beautiful!! Really colourful, really sturdy - I am very impressed. Its going to look so sweet on top of a shelf until my Goddaughter is ready to play with it. Its also such a simple design that even from an early age she's going to be able to get into it and enjoy it.

If you want a catalogue the details are: Next Door, 10 West Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon, OX7 5AA, telephone 0845 458 9292.

The christening's on Sunday, keep your fingers crossed for a dry day and well behaved children!

Emmam Mon 29-Oct-01 09:30:54

The Christening was lovely. The weather was aweful however - it pelted it down! Our son talked all the way through it, which was sort of funny and embarrassing. He kept on about going to the party now and having cake. Also told everyone to shut up during the Lord's prayer.

The Noah's Ark went down a treat and was unique!

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