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and the winner of the best Halloween name is.....

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madmarchscare Sun 30-Oct-05 16:06:51

Hellmouthcusty imo. It just sounds really scary. Makes me think of that Hellraiser bloke with all the pins stuck in his head.

fullmoonfiend Mon 31-Oct-05 09:37:43

I keep reading it as Hellmouthcrusty - which is conjures up a very eeeeeewwww image of yellow foaming lava-type substance pouring out of a Hammer-esque hell portal...Maybe I should lay off the blue smarties?
I also like the name creepyjess - simple but vaguely disturbing.

buffytheharpsichordcarrier Mon 31-Oct-05 09:38:50

I like the Bakedpotatowoooooooh one (sp)
also Haus of Horrors
there's another one I can't quite remember...

FangAche Mon 31-Oct-05 09:39:20

I like mine!

buffytheharpsichordcarrier Mon 31-Oct-05 09:47:22

yes fangache is good
also Daddyghoul
Trickorflum has a certain naive charm

Miaou Mon 31-Oct-05 09:48:52

I was going to say yours, fangache!!!

buffytheharpsichordcarrier Mon 31-Oct-05 18:38:50


startingtobehalloweenylover Mon 31-Oct-05 18:40:45

i like ghoulstoo

Socci Mon 31-Oct-05 18:42:43

Message withdrawn

Socci Mon 31-Oct-05 18:43:24

Message withdrawn

foundintranslation Mon 31-Oct-05 18:45:25


puff Mon 31-Oct-05 18:45:27




All must post piccie of themselves in swimsuit and high heels for grande finale at 9.00pm.

TinyGang Mon 31-Oct-05 18:46:12

Nutcackle is a good one!

starshaker Mon 31-Oct-05 18:46:42

startingtobehalloweenylover is false advertising as you have put a sign up saying no trick or treaters they will get trading standards onto you

piffle Mon 31-Oct-05 18:50:26

been reading that as fag ash all week LOL
detox is not good for you!

HowlingHuggy Mon 31-Oct-05 18:52:03

I like hellmouthcusty and FangAche

kleggie Mon 31-Oct-05 18:55:54

What about MassacreOHara?

Also quite like Hunkerpumpkin

spookylips Mon 31-Oct-05 18:56:32

ive always liked Fangache too

startingtobehalloweenylover Mon 31-Oct-05 18:57:03

oh i am being halloweeny... just in secret! lol

spookylips Mon 31-Oct-05 18:59:28

oh and the other one - cant exactly remember it but its sounds eek! (its froggys halloweens name??)

hunkermunker Mon 31-Oct-05 19:00:26

I've changed mine back, because I don't celebrate Halloween

puff Mon 31-Oct-05 19:01:51

hmm, just realised I sound like a hairy handed trucker. Make that bikinis girls .

colditz Mon 31-Oct-05 19:01:54

Hellmouthcusty always makes me think she will be really really gobby

CreepyJess Mon 31-Oct-05 19:02:05

LOL Fullmoon.. it could be said that 'simple but vaguely disturbing' is a good description of my personality...

I can never think of the names when I am trying to think of the ones I like best..

puff Mon 31-Oct-05 19:02:26

oi hunker, didn't you start all this? pmsl

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