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European costume..flippin'; school!

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marthamoo Fri 19-Sep-03 20:00:18

Next Friday is European Day of Language (yup, news to me too) so they are having a non-uniform day at DS1s school. They suggest thechildren may like to dress with a *European slant*

Ye they just dream these things up to annoy parents as much as possible?

DS1 is a bit short on European designer clobber..just grown out of all his Versace and Gucci, unfortunately so any ideas?

All I can think of is
a) lederhosen - can't see him going for that even if I could create some!

b) stripey T-shirt, beret, string of onions..and surely they don't want us to send them in such cheesy culturally stereotypical outfits?

Grrrrr...helpful suggestions appreciated.

forestfly Fri 19-Sep-03 20:07:31

Matadore dont know how to spell it! The big red cloak man!

Frenchgirl Fri 19-Sep-03 20:18:17

Get him dressed head to toe in H&M, and when they complain you can always say that he's dressed as a swede (no not the vegetable). How witty. Or go for the old stripy t-shirt and beret, cute if very clicheed

codswallop Fri 19-Sep-03 20:22:16

the Sandeman sherry man

beetroot Fri 19-Sep-03 20:33:15

Message withdrawn

CnR Fri 19-Sep-03 20:34:37

We 'celebrate' the European Day of Language too at the shcool I teach at. I had never heard of it either until two years ago. Luckily we don't do fancy dress so, sorry, I can't help there. Mind, we are all expected to talk in foreign lanuages all day long.

Mo2 Fri 19-Sep-03 20:40:46

white shirt undone to waist, fake chest hair, tight black jeans & eyebrow pencil moustache
= italian??

aloha Fri 19-Sep-03 21:07:06

what a dumb idea. How about long skirt, headscarf and squeegee + Kosovan? (joke)

wiltshire Fri 19-Sep-03 22:31:41

How about a T shirt with red cross, horrid baggy shorts (hawaii style), face paint and hankerchief on head (knotted) - they could go as english.

FairyMum Fri 19-Sep-03 22:34:13

I love Mo2's idea. LOL

marthamoo Fri 19-Sep-03 22:34:50


CathB Thu 25-Sep-03 11:53:01

I went to a Euro fancy dress part as a leprachaun if that helps any. Didnt win though..

whymummy Thu 25-Sep-03 11:55:07


Jenie Thu 25-Sep-03 12:05:53

You'll have to go to a charity shop and buy him some clothes from about 5 years ago and hey presto his french (authentic french that is) has anyone not noticed that is what most french children wear?

Lambchops Thu 25-Sep-03 12:16:02

Forestfly's Matador idea is good. I have done this before and this is what I used.
Hat, little flat hat made out of cereal boxes painted black. (the proper matadors hat is like Mickey Mouse ears but that looks silly)
White shirt.
Tie, made from red material, very narrow
Jacket, black blazer or cardigan will do. Pin on epaulettes made from same red material as tie.
Cummerbund, same red material. Make it long enough to tie round and the ends to dangle down
Trousers, sports pants with (preferably)red stripes down the legs. Tack them up to mid calf length.
Red socks
black slip on gym shoes.
Cape made from same red material.

Lambchops Thu 25-Sep-03 12:23:29

I also made long spears and decorated then with red pom-poms. This was NOT a good idea to supply a five year old boy with weapons.

Tortington Thu 25-Sep-03 18:31:53

i hate it when school does this

Frenchgirl Thu 25-Sep-03 18:47:46

yes jenie I make sure I buy dd really old out of date stuff so instead of feeling only half french she feels completely french! and: we never wash and stink of cheese and garlic, or did you forget?

aloha Thu 25-Sep-03 19:23:35


marthamoo Fri 26-Sep-03 14:21:56

Afraid I copped out and he went in his ordinary clothes (it WAS optional!) The lollipop lady asked him what nationality he was and he had his answer off pat..

"I'm British, but my shoes are French [Vertbaudet] and my Daddy's Welsh."

I saw a lot of girls with headscarves - Dutch presumably, and lots of boys dressed like scallies (or could that have been their normal mufti gear -ooh, one for the snob thread perhaps?)

Cam Fri 26-Sep-03 18:36:43

Must admit last time I was in Amsterdam I didn't see anyone wearing headscarves (or clogs) - anyway "European slant" is nonsense, we were European last time I looked.

hmb Fri 26-Sep-03 18:39:19

In our secondary school we all had to waer stickers that said 'talk to me' in a variety of different languages. My was (at my request) in Welsh, and I welcomed my all english classes in Welsh. They were gobsmacked, and silent for once. I may have to try this again

Jenie Fri 26-Sep-03 19:38:39

Sorry Frenchgirl, but that's what the exchange children dress like, never thought they smelt bad though.

Frenchgirl Mon 29-Sep-03 18:52:08


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