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Good venues in London for a 40th birthday??????

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CountessDracula Thu 27-Oct-05 22:43:13

Can anyone help? We would like some dancing, some food, etc. Something fun. Anyone been to anything good? We have some ideas but would like more


Yells Wed 17-Jul-19 15:15:31


Toots Wed 01-Nov-06 18:27:26


Toots Tue 31-Oct-06 14:34:43

Bumping if you please.
Oh and couldn't find damarios...

Toots Mon 30-Oct-06 22:37:30

Hi, reading this with interest. Would love any further ideas. 40th looms in February on a Sunday which is when I'd want the do.

Going to go and look at Damarios now...

Troubadour looks nice. Want somewhere central or south London (Live in SE26) scruffy is fine. Funky is good. Dancing is a possibility but thinking chiefly of relaxed mingly ambience. Might look upstairs at East Dulwich Tavern.

Pretty tight budget... ought to be anyway, kitchen needs doing.

bossykate Fri 28-Oct-05 22:26:54

how about damario's

bossykate Fri 28-Oct-05 22:26:29

well where are you working atm? would somewhere more city-ish be better?

CountessDracula Fri 28-Oct-05 22:23:36

Don't want anything too weddingy - Templeton I thought of as is just up the rd from where I live (with the added option of checking inot the priory next door if you overdo it!) but it's too too weddingy

CountessDracula Fri 28-Oct-05 22:21:23

Because they don't have a dancing licence and you can only have quiet music


Conservatory a LOT more expensive than when we got married, can't afford for a bday party. Also we are saving it for 25th wedding anniversary (do you think if I booked 15 years in advance they would give me today's rate [wink})

bossykate Fri 28-Oct-05 22:08:51

or why not syon park again?

bossykate Fri 28-Oct-05 22:08:36

maybe one of these?

bossykate Fri 28-Oct-05 22:06:16

sorry, why wouldn't the conservatory option be a big piss-up disco? perhaps yr wedding was more civilised than mine!

princesspeahead Fri 28-Oct-05 21:55:41

emailed you cd

bossykate Fri 28-Oct-05 21:54:07

think the ransome's dock conservatory is an excellent idea. nearer you - what about kew? alternatively, the pump house in battersea park might be worth considering? or how about the chelsea physic garden... depends on the season i suppose.

Milliways Fri 28-Oct-05 21:51:16

You lot are making me feel guilty as DH is having his 40th party here, at home! We are having a Pudding Party!

princesspeahead Fri 28-Oct-05 21:48:57

cd if you are going to check it out then tell me when.... oh bugger it i'll just send you an email

CountessDracula Fri 28-Oct-05 21:44:15

hmmm looks intersting is it right by the Colherne? May go and check it out, thanks fox & PPH.

Current thinking is to hire a blank canvas and do it out fabulously...

princesspeahead Fri 28-Oct-05 20:01:19

cd if you want to do anything at the troubadour, give me a ring first. BIG peahead connection with the troub....! Glad you like it foxinsocks, go spend lots and lots of money there .
there is a nice room on the first floor but not nearly big enough for your needs. the basement is big enough, but more of a club/live music venue... we could sort you out an excellent band or something if you wanted to say goodbye to your 30s in style...

foxinsocks Fri 28-Oct-05 19:50:38

only other one I can think of (at the mo) is the Troubadour but it is much more of a club I suppose. It says about hiring at the bottom - it does do lovely food though.

CountessDracula Fri 28-Oct-05 19:31:02

Belair House is now Beauberry House and is a japanese restaurant!

CountessDracula Fri 28-Oct-05 19:28:00

Yes we could do here but live in a residential area with lots of families so would feel bad about making noise late. (god you can tell I'm approaching 40 it never bothered me in the past!)

Roof Gardens too big really tho I do like them.

DH is saying that we really wanted a big piss-up disco and obv the conservatory one is not going to be that. The Amadeus Centre looks the best bet so far for the disco option.

I on the other hand am starting to think that it would be nice to have the posh do first then all those really up for it could go dancing afterwards.

soapbox Fri 28-Oct-05 19:11:14

Would Belair House in Dulwich be too far away for you. It is lovely.

I found it frustrating finding something too and so ended up with a marquee in the garden which was wonderful.

How about Kensington Roof Gardens?

Top table has a function searching facility which is good for ideas, as does Confetti - the wedding site.

CountessDracula Fri 28-Oct-05 18:54:03

bumpity bump

CountessDracula Fri 28-Oct-05 12:10:58

anyone been to a party here?

CountessDracula Fri 28-Oct-05 11:17:43

Binkie that looks a bit posh for a 40th maybe? but stunning!

CountessDracula Fri 28-Oct-05 11:17:05

Yes that's a good idea, about the same price as the Battersea one but would have better selection of clubs etc for afterwards maybe?

Not fussed about it finishing early as we are going to book a guest list somewhere for later

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