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Help needed to find poem, please!

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marthamoo Fri 19-Sep-03 09:36:49

This is a long shot but does anyone know a poem which starts,

Five little lasses and one little lad/ sat by the sea and their faces were sad/For the sun that had shone all the [something] day/ Now [blah-dy, blah-dy] was fading away.

(The rest is about how they are sad because the sun sinks into the sea and they think it's gone for ever but it's back the next day - hoorah!)

I have been trying to find the rest of it on and off for years but have had no luck. My Grandma (who died before I was born) used to recite it to my Mum, but she can't remember the rest of it (she doesn't think Grandma made it up).

Any ideas? Any suggestions of websites etc I could try would be appreciated too - it hasn't been on any of the ones I have tried.

Here's hoping...

expatkat Fri 19-Sep-03 10:59:00

No, don't know it. Try, which I think has a place to post lines you're not too sure about in the hopes that someone who sees it will come through with an answer. If not, they can probably suggest a better website.

suzyj Fri 19-Sep-03 11:25:48

also has a "I'm looking for xyz book" facility called booksleuth. Very good

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