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How many pets is enough?

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janh Thu 18-Sep-03 13:45:43

Has anybody else seen this ?????

fio2 Thu 18-Sep-03 16:22:03

my god I have 2 border collies and a lovely bunny and with 2 kids and a husband thats enough to cope with. How did they actually come to accuire so many pets without being reported earlier? We get reported to enviromental health about our dogs ( no charges ever made BTW just some senile old witch keeps reporting them)

wobblymum Thu 18-Sep-03 17:42:50

I think that's horrible, not only to the poor animals but to the neighbours too! And I'm not trying to make light of the situation but when I read through the number of animals, I could just imagine one of the couple saying to the other "you can have hundreds of dogs dear, but ONLY one rabbit"!! Just hit me as even stranger than keeping that amount of animals to keep loads of one but only have one or two of the other kinds!!!

AussieSim Thu 18-Sep-03 18:52:50

The other think I notice is that a Macaw is a very expensive bird. I think in Australia I saw one advertised for AUD$10,000 quite a few years ago. To have so many pets would certainly be very expensive (although they obviously saved money on the cleaner).

dadslib Fri 19-Sep-03 09:10:37

Message withdrawn

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