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7yr old who can't stop bursting into tears

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sian008 Fri 12-Sep-03 20:49:03

I have a 7yr old only son who responds to any difficulty by bursting into tears.
It is becoming an issue at junior school - other kids giving him a wide berth in case to cries whild they are playing. he does have a few special friends but I think they too ar a little tired of trying not to upset him.

He is already being called a cry-baby ( which makes him cry more).

Any ideas how we can help him get an emotional grip?

helenmc Mon 15-Sep-03 13:20:28

sian008 - my dd was very similar and I didn't know it was happening at school for a long time. One teacher told me that 'she would grow out of it' and took what seems a hard line approach , needtheless to say we had a dreadful year at school, bedwetting, taking it out on sibings. However the next year we had a new teacher who was very sympathetic, she actively used to have a little chat with dd every-day, just about the weather or what was happenig at the weekend or what was for dinner today. I'm useless about talking about things, but I used to try and chat about things and do what-if ...what -if I forgot my games kit, what-if we were late for school. She used to hate going to parties on her own, but was much happier if a friend picked up her and they went together. The next year we had another wonderful teacher, and he had a little chat saying if anything was the problem then to come and see him. And again little chats throughtout the year. And she has turned into a lovely thoughtful girl.
I suggest you have a chat with your teacher and don't take the b***t he'll grow out of it, something is bothering him and it need sorting. see if you can work out what's bothering your ds (maybe something like he can't do the laces for his football boots and gets really worried about games lessons), it might be some-one else is giving him a hard time in the playground, have things changed at home. perhaps encourage a good friendship. and always show you love him whatever happens!

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