*UNUSUAL IDEAS FOR PRESENTS* for my Dad's 75th Birthday please

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BROWNY Tue 18-Oct-05 11:57:21

Does anyone have any ideas? My dad is very difficult to buy for, he doesn't drink or smoke and I gave up buying clothes for him years ago (he just leaves them in his wardrobe!).

All help gratefully received!


CountessDracula Tue 18-Oct-05 11:58:42

A weekend away somewhere lovely?

LilacBump Tue 18-Oct-05 11:58:59

what sort of stuff/hobbies is he into? how much are you thinking of spending?

compo Tue 18-Oct-05 11:59:07

A red letter day

kuoni Tue 18-Oct-05 11:59:23

Not sure about unusual - but how about a family photo session arranged to incl him and all family followed by a nice lunch out somewhere. Could then frame up one of the best ones for him?

butty Tue 18-Oct-05 12:15:23

I know it sounds stupid, but for my grandads 67th B'day, i bought him one of those smiley buddies r from argos that are solar powered.
It was the best present i ever got him, he had it by his chair and everytime he looked at it he smiled. Unfortunately my grandad passed away of cancer last christmas, but in the hospice, it was the first thing he requested my grandma brought in!!!!
My grandma keeps it in the same place and it brings a smile to everyone who sees it as it has something nice and happy about it.
It's just a quirky bit of something!!!!!


koalabear Tue 18-Oct-05 12:19:00

you can buy newpapers which are original copies from the day he was born. they come in really nice folders to

such as newsrecreated.co.uk

gscrym Tue 18-Oct-05 12:21:10

I got my dad a game-boy.

Bibiboo Tue 18-Oct-05 12:31:34

for his 70th we clubbed together and got my dad a personalised number plate

Bugsy2 Tue 18-Oct-05 12:40:21

How about a special tree or a named rose or a garden bench?

myalias Tue 18-Oct-05 12:47:53

For my dads 70th birthday we went to London, the family clubbed together and bought tickets for 'Mamma Mia' we also had a slap up meal afterwards.

doormat Tue 18-Oct-05 12:52:11

what about a star named after him

BROWNY Tue 18-Oct-05 13:29:28

Thanks everyone, brilliant ideas!!. Dad is very young at heart, no-one can believe he's going to be 75!

He loves walking (he makes sure he does his 1000 steps a day on his pedometer), never drives his new car prefering to take a more leisurly ride on public transport and his big interest is radios and cameras but he has the latest ones! So now, you can see my problem.

The weekend away is a lovely idea and the newspaper too - I've got to be careful about a red letter day though, as he has high blood pressure and most of these days don't cover insurance for illness.

Thanks everyone for your help, please keep posting if anyone has more ideas.

justmummy Tue 18-Oct-05 20:48:06

How about National Trust membership. Just gonna get my mum that for her 60th and retirement. You get three months free if you buy online at the moment.

slug Wed 19-Oct-05 10:57:51

Do you have a video camera? Get the childred to write, direct and perform a play for him and give it to him on video.

BROWNY Wed 19-Oct-05 17:51:15

Thanks for all your ideas, still mulling them over with my brother.

Any more ideas will be very welcome!

BROWNY Thu 20-Oct-05 12:02:23


nailpolish Thu 20-Oct-05 12:06:51

havent had time to read the whole thread but have you thought about a weather station?

my FIL has one and he is very taken with it

john lewis has them i think

BROWNY Thu 20-Oct-05 15:27:50

Brilliant idea Nailpolish, sounds like a big boy's toy - he's love it!

BROWNY Fri 21-Oct-05 13:20:33

Any more ideas please?

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