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major embarrassment

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Bogwoppit Thu 11-Sep-03 14:20:53

Oh, the shame.

I spent a lovely morning coffee break with my DS at the place i used to work.
Decided to go to ASDA (just accross the road) before I went home.

I did a huge trolley worth of shopping, unpacked it all onto the conveyor belt. Rummaged around for mmy purse only to find it wasn;t there.

I had it out at work to buy snack for DS.

Well then I had to say sorry to everyon in the queue, pack all my stuff back into trolley, leave it with customer services while I dashed back accross the road to find the missing purse

Thank goodness someone had handed it into the reception desk. so I then had to run back & pay for my goods (i wasn't going to leave it all after I had spent so long getting it)

So that is the last time I buy DS stuff from a vending machine! I was so red faced & panicky that I'd lost it in ASDA or something.

fio2 Thu 11-Sep-03 14:24:20

Bogwoppit I've done this before, in ASDA also, and had to get dh to bring my purse for me it is embarassing but easily done

ThomCat Thu 11-Sep-03 14:26:43

Oh no, how embarressing, he heee! At least you had the money though! LaAst time that happened to me my card got rejected and I had to run outside phone the bank and arrange for an instant £60 to be added to my already huge overdraft so I could withdraw the cash and save face!!!

Bozza Thu 11-Sep-03 14:09:53

I've done it in Asda too. Also once swapped trolleys halfway through and got to the till and the bottom half of the stuff wasn't mine. Don't know what happened to the poor people whose trolley I nicked. Also once filled up at Asda petrol station and realised I'd forgotten my purse and had to ring DH up. No wonder I do internet shopping now

Its so embarassing...

Bozza Thu 11-Sep-03 14:10:58

Eh? Why has my post appeared at the bottom? It should be after Thomcats.

Bogwoppit Thu 11-Sep-03 16:35:26

my day goes from bad to worse. i now have a totally numb face after visiting the dentist
& DS decided that it would be a good time to have a tantrum on the way. he screamed the whole surgery down. All because I wanted him to wear a coat because we were walking.
(poor) dentist must have a headache now. - revenge for my numb face ha ha!

CountessDracula Thu 11-Sep-03 16:54:48

Bogwoppit have a big glass of wine!

Bogwoppit Thu 11-Sep-03 17:05:05

I'll need a straw though cos I can't feel my face so I'd waste it dribbling

might well open a bottle later though. DH is off to IMAX to see matrix so it's me & DS tonight. - he only likes his dad to put him to bed so it should be interesting!

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