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cleaning vomit from sisal flooring: SOS!

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sprout Thu 11-Sep-03 09:39:34

Sorry for the title of the thread! My poor dd was sick last night on our brand new sisal flooring (natural fibre like seagrass). As supper last night was carrot and tomato soup, you can imagine the effect...
I have scrubbed and scrubbed with clear water, but it still looks terrible. Any ideas on what could help? Does carpet shampoo work? Anyone tried it on sisal or similar?

fio2 Thu 11-Sep-03 09:41:37

yes my dog was sick on our coir rug and was I never able to get it out. I think you have to have it cleaned by a specialist, sorry.

Maybe someone else will know of some miracle trick - mumsnet is good for that

SamboM Thu 11-Sep-03 09:49:04

I think a Vax type hoover (ie one that squirts out water and sucks it up again) is your best bet, or as fio2 says get the specialists in.

Sisal/jute well known for harbouring vomit etc I'm afraid.

Sonnet Thu 11-Sep-03 09:52:18

No direct experience of sisal but Bicarbonate of Soda, applyed in a thick paste has worked for me on carpet.
Dyson produce "dry carpet shampoo" that has worked miricles for me. You sprinkle it on, work it in with the brush bit, leave and hoover up!!

I was advised by a carpet company ( who sell natural flooring) that you shouldn't wet it...don't know if this is true??
Good luck

Boe Thu 11-Sep-03 10:47:11

VANISH POWERSHOT - we have nice beige woollen carpets and DD spilt whole bottle of red wine - used this a few times and is good as new.

WideWebWitch Thu 11-Sep-03 17:54:57

Have you tried I haven't looked to see if Sisal is mentioned, nightmare carpet, I used to have it. Sorry, that's not helpful is it? Hope she's better.

sprout Fri 12-Sep-03 08:02:51

Thanks for all the tips. Dd is better - she wasn't too ill but just has a tendency to throw up in the evening if she has a bad cough. Carpet on the other hand is looking less good... Www, I'll try the site you suggest, and then work through the other ideas; at least I can't make it much worse!

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