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moving south- where do we go?!

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LG Tue 09-Sep-03 16:36:23

we are due to move with my dh's job next year. We live in NW england at the moment. DHe will be working in the city of London and doesn't want too enormous a commute. We are concentrating on SW London/ Surrey because we have some friends and family around that area and know it a bit. However, we are not sure which are the good areas for families in that area. My children will be 3 and a half and six monthish when we move. I would like to live where there are good facilities/activities for preschool children and also good schools but also some green space! Does anyone have any suggestion for such an area, does it exist? does anyone know the claygate/esher area which we have looked at.

SamboM Tue 09-Sep-03 16:55:05

East Sheen, very close to Richmond Park (huge green space), excellent primary schools etc. Several mumsnetters too!

ANGELMOTHER Tue 09-Sep-03 17:35:52

Anywhere around Richmond Park or indeed Kew Gardens is good.
Thanes Ditton
To name but a few....

fisil Wed 10-Sep-03 20:58:25

We're just up the A3 from there, in Raynes Park. Lots of family houses and green space down our way. In Claygate/Esher I think there's even more green space, but much more expensive properties (might just be local prejudice, though!)

titchy Sun 14-Sep-03 16:03:16

Raynes Park about the same price as Esher/claygate I'd have thought. PITA for schools though - Merton Counil is a bit of a nightmare - all decent school very oversubscribed - in Raynes Park you have to live within 400 yards of the 2 decent primary schools or get your self to church every week for the church school. Secondaries not too hot either as most parent sedn their kids private at 11. (Have lived in both areas and are very glad we moved down the A3!)

Claygate primary is good and there is quite a range of houding in Claygate (not such a range in Esher, but better in Long and Thames Ditton). Hinchley Wood also decent area (but close to bypass and railway line). You will be looking at at least £250k for a 3bed semi though. is a good website for the area.

Bear in mind for schools though that you have to apply quite early - next November for Sept. 05 entry. and if you want to go private you probaly should have put your name down years ago!

titchy Sun 14-Sep-03 16:07:20

Sorry should have added Claygate and surrounds are very green, loads of kids things to do and loads of playgroups, M&T etc etc. Claygate also has quite a community feel. Cobham just down the road similar, but primary school not so good (shops better though!). Claygate is only accessible by two roads though, and the main A244 that goes through Esher tends to be very busy (particularly when there are events at Hampton Court Palace) so you can be stuck in lots of traffic.


fisil Sun 14-Sep-03 18:19:05

It helps me - I'm moving to Claygate now!

LG Mon 22-Sep-03 20:44:37

Thanks very much for the advice. My problem is now choosing and trying to find a school!

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