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jodee Wed 03-Sep-03 23:02:57

Does anyone have some suggestions as to where I can get some slippers for ds's large feet? He's not quite 3.5 and is already in 10.5 shoes. Slippers don't come in half-sizes (well not to my knowledge) and I've trawled around Clarks/Woolies/M&S/ etc. to no avail - size 11s won't stay on his feet, or the only ones that do (with velcro straps) have the Fimbles on them, not very cool! Thought about Totes with the rubbery soles, but apparently (so the Boots assistant told me) they aren't in any stores until end Oct. Helpppp!

judetheobscure Wed 03-Sep-03 23:30:47

I gave up on slippers - they either wouldn't stay on or dd/dss would take them off anyway. Mine go round the house in bare feet or socks when it's colder.

sb34 Wed 03-Sep-03 23:31:20

Message withdrawn

mands1 Wed 03-Sep-03 23:53:29

I too gave up on slippers mine now wear those slipper sock things. which seem to stay on his feet.

boyandgirl Thu 04-Sep-03 10:45:33

There's a website called, I think, Ollipops, where you can git Bobux leather slippers in all sizes including adult. They're very helpful and will answer queries on the phone if the website doesn't give you all the info you need. I've always ordered ds's slippers from them - which reminds me I'd better go ahead and get him this winter's ones!

jodee Thu 04-Sep-03 13:59:58

Thanks everyone - ds has been wearing socks but I'm worried he will slip and fall down the stairs (our stairs are very narrow, no bannisters to hold on to). sb34, I was really disappointed with the selection in Next in Croydon, either the Hulk, Fimbles or Thomas the Tank (TT wouldn't have been too bad but they only go up to size 9, humph!) Will have a look on the Ollipops site then, thanks!

SofiaAmes Thu 04-Sep-03 22:25:58

Asda's and Primark both have lots of cool slippers in at the moment. And super cheap.

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