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Light bulbs for 'touch-reactive' lamps - is there a generic name?

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CraigRevelPan Thu 13-Jan-11 22:21:00

The bulb in dd's touch lamp has gone - the sort of bulb that will glow 'low-med-high' on each touch. Standard bulbs only glow at high level Is there a generic name for these bulbs so I can check out which shops sell them?


whomovedmychocolate Thu 13-Jan-11 22:23:12

There should be a code on top of the bulb - google it and you'll find loads

CraigRevelPan Thu 13-Jan-11 22:25:23

ooh WMMC - bulb has gone to the great bulb place in the sky. Is it that specific? Crumbs.

whomovedmychocolate Thu 13-Jan-11 22:40:48

Bugger. Try looking on the bottom there may be a sticker with guidance or a brand name of the lamp so you can identify it online.

whomovedmychocolate Thu 13-Jan-11 22:42:23

It will be one of these though wink

CraigRevelPan Thu 13-Jan-11 22:54:08

Ah! it will be the 25watt triple life. Will check if it's screw or bayonet.

Thank you v. v. much. You were wafted from heaven. Or Grimsby, may Thanks.

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