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Decorating - any ideas for large stickers or posters

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Hughsie Mon 01-Sep-03 10:17:52

Just decorated ds1 room and it is plain at the moment - I wanted a larghe bob the builder to stick on the wall - hopefully a self adhesive one or a large bus or car - any ideas as to where to get them from

I've seen the theme tubes at John Lewis but thought £50 was steep and not keen on the designs!

ThomCat Mon 01-Sep-03 10:45:00

look at - they have rockets and stuff to stick on walls.
Failing that how about a bit of DIY or do you know someone who can help out. Trace pics on wall and colour them yourself??

Hughsie Mon 01-Sep-03 10:47:56

Yes - I had thought about being creative but Rolf Harris ...I am not!!

A friend suggested using an overhed projector to trace onto the wall - but the cheats option is always my favourite !!

Eve Mon 01-Sep-03 11:04:19

B&Q have a Disney range....Buzz Lightyear, Princess range, Winnie Pooh and Mickey Mouse....lots of big stickers and things to put on walls.

DS1 loves his Buzz lightyear!

Bobsmum Mon 01-Sep-03 13:47:35

Ask at Clintons or toy shops etc what they do with their left over display stuff once promotions are finished.
I used to get loads of band posters and merchandise that way from my local record shop.

codswallop Mon 01-Sep-03 13:59:45

way hay HUghsie is back!! How are your night sH?

Hughsie Mon 01-Sep-03 16:14:25

I'm good thanks cods!

Nights are fine for the last month or so - 8ish - 6.30/7.30. So cant complain - if he does wke we dont feed him!

Davros Mon 01-Sep-03 18:16:41

Hughsie, you beat me to it! I was going to post on something similar. Because my autistic son chucks everything on the floor that we hang on the wall, I wanted to stick some things on instead. My idea though was to get some nice posters, e.g. Van Gogh's sunflowers, a funky Daleks one I've got etc. I want to know what is the best way to stick these to the walls and do they need to be coated with something afterwards? My fantasy then is to put some fake frames round them, cardboard or just frames from crap pictures in the charity shop. ANy advice greatly appreciated.

codswallop Mon 01-Sep-03 18:48:05

cant you glue them to thick boards or something and then spray varnish over? WE have large clipframe from woolies that we change the contents of acc to what phase he is in.


Davros Mon 01-Sep-03 19:19:32

Clipframe or other separate surface may just get chucked on the floor so that is why I thought of glueing direct to wall. I'm sure I've seen it done on Changing Rooms.... (don't tell anyone I've ever watched it though

boyandgirl Mon 01-Sep-03 21:12:04

Sheets of childrens' wrapping paper often make lovely posters, but the pictures may be too small.

Our local library has a large selection of laminated posters, mostly 'educational' but some just fun ones too.

Philippat Mon 01-Sep-03 21:22:27

spraymount (glue aerosol)

JanZ Tue 02-Sep-03 14:21:19

Dh got a big "Bob the Builder" poster from Toys'R'Us - and a nice big Tigger one too. He said they weren't expensive.

ThomCat Tue 02-Sep-03 14:36:36

I also saw, in Urchin, a huge colouring in sheet that kids can colour in themselves that sticks to the walls.

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