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fleece blankets

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Spod Sat 30-Aug-03 14:03:41

I expect everyone knows the answer to this.. i have a variety of baby blankets given to me by my sister... some fleece ones.. she says you can use them for new borns but someone else told me I shouldn't and should stick to using blankets with holes in. Whats the answer?

ANGELMOTHER Sat 30-Aug-03 17:50:42

Yes anyone.......
I was about to buy nice new fleece blanket for moses basket.........
Someone tell me why I shouldn't???

Spod Sat 30-Aug-03 18:13:57

someone must know the answer???

Spod Sat 30-Aug-03 18:37:41

okay then - put it another way... who used a fleece blanket for newborn in a moses basket?

princesspeahead Sat 30-Aug-03 18:41:51

I only used a fleece blanket for out in the carrycot or pram. Don't know why really - probably because I don't really like the synthetic-y feel of fleece and think for newborns you should stick to cotton (or possibly wool). And I think they probably get fairly hot underneath them, so stuck to using them for additional warmth outside. But none of that is very scientific!

Loobie Sat 30-Aug-03 18:57:33

i used a fleece blanket on dd in the moses basket and used the 'ones with holes' for ds's no difference to any one of them. HTH

wickedstepmother Sat 30-Aug-03 19:04:14

I used the fleecy ones for the pram and I only ever used the cellular type (holey) when indoors. It is recommended that you only use cellular as they are not as hot and the baby is less likely to overheat, also the holes will act as ventilation should you baby wriggle under the blankets.

wickedstepmother Sat 30-Aug-03 19:05:13

IO didn't use fleece for my moses basket but then my DD was born in August and I live in a centrally heated house so there was just no need for that sort of insulation !

codswallop Sat 30-Aug-03 19:35:57

wool is lighter and warmer than cotton

eidsvold Sat 30-Aug-03 20:34:36

used her fleece blanket for out and about in the pram or car seat but used the cotton cellular to put over her in the house. For sleeping my dd has always had a sleeping bag (gro bag) - brilliant for her as she is a wriggler and hated being tucked in blankets whilst in bed.

SofiaAmes Sat 30-Aug-03 21:23:33

I used 100% cotton flannel blankets for my newborn. I don't like anything that isn't cotton against my babies' skin.

aloha Sat 30-Aug-03 21:28:42

Used fleece blanket a lot, esp out, and use a sleeping bag in his cot. I am sure I used a fleece blanket in his cot as newborn though, along with cellular ones, and he's still alive.

twiglett Sat 30-Aug-03 21:36:26

message withdrawn

janh Sat 30-Aug-03 21:37:07

If you want to swaddle you need a woven one - what they call receiving blankets in America (you see them in the cribs on the Discovery Health baby progs - usually white with pastel stripes at the end) - kind of like a thick flannelette sheet. It holds them tighter than a holey one.

Otherwise I wouldn't think it matters although the cellular ones are supposed to trap warm air in the holes or something (sounds very unlikely when I write it down, but it's the principle behind string vests, aertex shirts etc!) So they are warm but ventilated at the same time. Fleece could be a bit clammy indoors.

Does this help?

Spod Sun 31-Aug-03 00:37:55

thanks for the tips!

badjelly Mon 01-Sep-03 11:27:17

I used a fleece one when we were out and about as it was warm and snuggly, in the house dd only had 'cellular' (ones with holes in) as she got too hot in the fleece ones.

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