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Eyebrow plucking

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marthamoo Fri 29-Aug-03 16:09:31

Sorry, thought Mumsnet was getting a bit light-hearted and it's time we had a serious debate.

So eyebrow plucking..
Does it ever stop hurting so much? And is it true that eventually the plucked ones stop growing back? If so, when? And why does plucking my eyebrows make me sneeze?

Going out tonight (whoo-hoo!) so have just done them. Ouch. But have only been doing them for about six months (have been bushy browed and au naturel for almost 34 years, don't really know why I've started doing them...)

Oh, I've just remembered a primary school teacher I had back in the seventies who had no eyebrows at all - she drew them on with brown pencil. I'd never leave the house if I had to do that - I'd keep getting it wrong and looking startled/supercilious/menacing...

SuzySue Fri 29-Aug-03 16:13:54

I definitely recommend getting them waxed, a lot quicker and a lot less painful... will never go back to plucking!

badjelly Fri 29-Aug-03 16:34:03

I don't know how they did it but when i was on honeymoon in kenya I had it done for the second time ever and it didn't hurt a bit - no such luck since!

SuzySue Fri 29-Aug-03 16:35:48

Wax, wax, wax - it's the way forward...

thinking about it, my mum doesn't have any eyebrows - she draws hers on with brown pencil too.

prufrock Fri 29-Aug-03 16:36:30

Definately definately wax. You can wax them yourself but would really recommend getting them done professionally the first time at least

Janstar Fri 29-Aug-03 16:37:40

If you get them waxed, how long before you have to get it done again?

Northerner Fri 29-Aug-03 16:41:42

Waxing eyebrows always intrigues me - how do they do it without whipping off the whole brow?

SoupDragon Fri 29-Aug-03 16:45:41

They only apply the wax where you want the hair removed

Northerner Fri 29-Aug-03 16:47:33

Am I being thick - isn't that really hard to do? How can you avoid waxing the wrong hairs?

prufrock Fri 29-Aug-03 16:48:17

I get prof. wax every 3 months, and pluck stray hairs every few days in the meantime as and when they appear. It tends to take a couple of weeks for the first ones to come through.

prufrock Fri 29-Aug-03 16:49:14

That's why you should get them done profesionally Northener. They apply the v. hot wax with a very small pointy spatula

Meid Fri 29-Aug-03 16:52:04

They do a mixture of waxing and plucking - they will wax the big bits like the bit in the middle where the eyebrows meet but delicate areas they'll pluck.

If you are hell bent on plucking, in my experience it stops hurting after about 5 years but you never stop sneezing.

I've also been told that if you put teething gel on first numbs the area.

Someone I know does the no-eyebrow, draw them on with pencil thing. Bizarre.

Northerner Fri 29-Aug-03 16:57:46

I worked with a woman who drew her eyebrows on. And when we looked even closer she had no eyelashes either - she just always wore eyeliner. It turns out she also wore a wig as she had a severe case of alopecia.

Surely noone has drawn in eyebrows by choice?

codswallop Fri 29-Aug-03 17:04:31

I get mine waxed. i am a wuss. Always makes me sneeze.

ANGELMOTHER Fri 29-Aug-03 17:19:45

I can vouch for the fact that they actually stop growing eventually.
Started plucking.....ooh about 19 and now 31 rarely need to except for the odd few strays.
Mine used to literally meet in the middle

Have heard threading is great too !!

hana Fri 29-Aug-03 17:37:11

go every 6 weeks, no stray bits! would cry in pain if I had to do it myself!! (despite having given birth, it's an AWFUL pain being plucked, hate the bit at the end when they pluck out any 'strays' eeeee!!

Girly Fri 29-Aug-03 18:02:22

Must get mine waxed, thanks for reminding me!

codswallop Fri 29-Aug-03 18:07:58

Need to get mine done - look like Denis Healy.

Blinking holidays - no time

lou33 Fri 29-Aug-03 18:11:56

I pluck .They do get less as time goes on, and I don't notice any pain.

jac34 Fri 29-Aug-03 18:11:58

Don't need to pluck mine, they are so white you can't see them.
I once had them tinted, it was so odd seeing myself with eye brows !!!
I never had them done again, and I don't pencil them in, it just doesn't look like me !!!

bossykate Fri 29-Aug-03 19:19:25

yes. yes. after 6m - 12m ime. don't know!

had mine waxed for about 6m, then only needed to tidy up every couple of days or so.

sis Fri 29-Aug-03 20:00:25

Threading is the business - I'm just too lazy to keep them 'tidied'.

Lisa78 Fri 29-Aug-03 21:10:34

grow your fringe long!

Linnet Fri 29-Aug-03 21:23:51

I get my friend who is a beauty therapist to wax mine. so much quicker and a lot less painful in my experience anyway.

mammya Fri 29-Aug-03 21:27:19

What's threading?
Am amazed at the number of people who have them waxed! I pluck, have started again recently after years "au naturel".

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