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Eat for Britain!!!!

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Tigger2 Mon 03-Sep-01 07:50:25

Hi, yes its me Tigger, just a different user name after the technical hitch the other day.

Britain has a massive surplus of Lightweight lambs due to the F&M crisis, Farmers Weekly has joined forces with Farmers First to source lightwieght lambs and deliver them by courier to your door. The price for a whole lamb is £65 and a half lamb is £35, but being perfectly honest you are better buying a whole lamb. For every lamb sold a donation is given to the ARC-Addington Fund which has helped so many families in the F&M crisis with emergency financial aid.

The telephone number for orders is:- 0870 2410153.

Even if this does not interest any of you here, please take a note of the phone number and pass it on to everyone you know. Please try and help, these lambs are coming from Hill Farms with no other income, they can't even market their Ewe Lambs this year, these people are really desperate. It is not very often that you will here a farmer asking for help, but in this instance, I am making a stand and trying to help these people, I know what it is like I was raised on a hill farm. In 1987 my dad was getting more for his Blackface Lambs than farmers are now.


Lil Mon 03-Sep-01 12:50:57

Hi Tigger, good to hear from you. I appreciate your call for help, and do realise that £65 is excellant value for a lamb. But on behalf of us less experienced cooks, can I a whole lamb carcass delivered -I know it won't have internals, but has it been chopped up, or would we need a sizeable butchers cleaver?

Tigger Mon 03-Sep-01 14:19:05

It is delivered cut into the various cuts of meat, i.e. chops, loin chops, leg roasts, shoulder roasts, giggot chops and there is some lamb mince as well. It is already for the freezer, now these folk are luckier than me I get it cut into the various bits and then bag and freeze it,did a heifer last year for the freezer and it took us nearly 5 hours!!

Nice to hear from you, are you keeping ok?

Tigermoth Mon 03-Sep-01 14:57:56

Tigger, hello and thanks for this interesting information. I am going to pass it onto my husband this evening. He's always been into the idea of buying a whole animal. Our freezer is not big, but I guess we could share one lamb amongst friends.

Tigger2 Mon 03-Sep-01 19:14:44

Tigermoth, the lamb isn't that big, so you'd probably be able to get it into your own freezer.
These are lightweight and what we call "Euro" lambs, but they will be grand eating! lovely and sweet.

Tigermoth Tue 04-Sep-01 16:11:32

Thanks Tigger. We've got the number, so will organise it shortly.

Tigermoth Tue 04-Sep-01 16:16:43

PS Calling Croppy. With your huge freezers and ability to cook meals months in advance, this lamb purchase sounds perfect - you could buy a whole flock of them!

IDismyname Tue 04-Sep-01 21:27:46

Having just spent a shocking £20 on a leg of lamb last w/e, I am delighted to hear of this news! I was only saying to dh last night that we ought to buy a whole lamb because of the expense, and now I discover that I can actually help the farmers in to the bargain.
Thank you VERY much, Tigger (2)! I'll call them tomorrow, and also spread the word through our local NCT mag if I can get in before printing date.

Marina Wed 05-Sep-01 08:11:59

Thanks Tigger, we are going to look into this now that the freezer is less full of ice pops and cool bag blocks. Like Fms, completely shocked at the price of supermarket lamb, so what a great scheme. Did you see Michael Eavis is doing a Farm Aid concert down at Glastonbury?

Suew Wed 05-Sep-01 20:12:30

Thanks Tigger. I've just passed this on to our NCT coffee email list (250 people) so I hope it will help.

I also copied your message clarifying how it's delivered just in case anyone wanted to know.

DH thinks we should order one too (being a Kiwi he's a bit of a lamb fiend) although I'll have to clear space in the freezer first. :)

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