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Going rate for the "Tooth Fairy"!!

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batey Fri 29-Aug-03 08:23:03

......So, what is it?? Dd1 starting Y1 soon and we'll be heading down the wobbly tooth road! Breaks my heart in a way, as I remeber every one of her teeth breaking through, all the tears,hot cheeks, sleepless nights etc!!!Anyway, how much do you leave?

P.S. The tooth fairy will be treated in a lighthearted way in our house, don't want to get into the tooth fairy/father Christmas debate again!?

hmb Fri 29-Aug-03 09:01:05

Pound for the first, 50p for the others in our house. Get her to wrap it in tissue makes it a *lot* easier for the tooth fairy to find in the middle of the night!

kmg1 Fri 29-Aug-03 09:04:03

£1 for the first, 20p for the others in our house.

marthamoo Fri 29-Aug-03 09:05:27

It's £2 in our house - though many friends' children get £1.

It is an emotional rite of passage, isn't it? My 6 year old lost his top two at the beginning of August so now has a great gappy grin. I'm kind of dreading his big teeth coming through - kids never look as cute once they've got those great big *grown-up* teeth in a face that's too small to take them

Jenie Fri 29-Aug-03 09:11:38

Dp and I have discussed this and it's not going to be cash but a small something ie new hair bobbles but special ones or a new necklace nothing too fancy but something to keep.

I like the wrapping it up in tissue paper idea though, very clever!

SueW Fri 29-Aug-03 09:53:52

50p a tooth here. I have two matching tooth tins I bought from a gift shop and do a swap in the night.

At 6.5yo though, DD now knows there isn't a tooth fairy.

SamboM Fri 29-Aug-03 09:58:05

My godson's sister had her first tooth fall out recently. Her mum had wanted to give her a watch so used it as an excuse and left the watch from the tooth fairy.

The next night she found £1 under Victoria's pillow and asked her where it came from. Bless her, she said that the tooth fairy had been so generous in giving her a watch and she thought it was too expensive for her (the fairy) so had taken the money from her moneybox to contribute

tabitha Fri 29-Aug-03 10:13:04

ds lost his first two teeth a couple of weeks ago. Gave £1 for the first one and had planned to give 50p for the second one (two days later). Unfortuantely, completely forgot to leave the money under his pillow the second time - my only excuse is that we're in the process of moving house and up to our eyes in packing plus I'm pregnant so had other things on my mind. The poor little thing was heartbroken at not getting his money. Managed to think quickly (for once) and told him that the tooth fairy had got the wrong bedroom and left the money under my pillow by mistake. He seemed happy enough with that but I felt rotten.

lou33 Fri 29-Aug-03 10:49:56

Most teeth get 20p. Bigger back teeth get 50. If I forget to put the money there I just tell them they didn't go to sleep quickly enough so the tooth fairy didn't have time to leave it. My 11 year old still believes.

WideWebWitch Fri 29-Aug-03 11:08:09

Well I'm very mean and don't give anything. I've told ds there's no such thing as the Tooth Fairy and that it's really mummies and daddies who leave the cash. I've told him he mustn't tell other children this though, I don't want to be lynched by stroppy parents! Ds *loves* knowing something other children don't - the look of glee on his face when I told him was something to see. But I only just managed to lie about Father Christmas (I know Batey, I was a fairly lone voice in the whole FC debate, don't want to do it again either!) and I know I'm very much in the answer your question though, I gather the going rate around here is £1 or £2.

sobernow Fri 29-Aug-03 11:55:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sobernow Fri 29-Aug-03 11:56:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SueW Fri 29-Aug-03 12:33:39

www, DD is the same since I told her there's no tooth fairy - she winks at me every time a child her age talks about it (lots of her friends haven't lost their first baby toth yet and she's got 8 adult ones).

Dahlia Fri 29-Aug-03 12:43:11

We do £1 a tooth - my 7 year old still firmly believes in the tooth fairy, easter bunny and santa - she writes letters to them all and because we are soft, we have always written letters back and left little trails of goodies from the easter bunny and crumbs from santa, all that kind of stuff. And much as I absolutely love the fact that she totally believes they all exist I am really dreading having to explain one day.

WideWebWitch Fri 29-Aug-03 12:48:04

Suew, a bit off topic but ds has lost about 7 or 8 teeth too and has 4 new ones coming through - 2 of them (bottom middle) are really big and have been there for ages now. Isn't your dd about the same age? Ds will be 6 in Oct and lots of his friends don't seem to have lost any yet so he's been unusually early it seems. If I'm right in thinking your dd is about 6 too then I'm just pleased to hear of another early tooth loser (and another one who doesn't believe in the Tooth Fairy!)

scottiebabe Fri 29-Aug-03 13:09:31

Its a £1 a tooth in this house - dd is 7 and believes in toothfairy and santa and have no problem with this as kids need a little bit of innocence sometimes

batey Fri 29-Aug-03 13:55:57

WWW,I heard that if your child got their teeth early then they'll drop out early. My dd1 was 10ms before her first one came through so maybe she'll be late? Not sure if this is a reliable bit of info or not?

SueW Fri 29-Aug-03 14:17:50

www, DD will be 7 in Dec. She lost her first two bottom teeth just before she turned five and has barely had any time with gaps as the big ones have grown straight in as soon as she lost the baby ones - she now has her eight front adult teeth plus an extra one which has grown in behind the lower front RHS tooth.

She got her first two teeth in together at just over 4mo, batey, so that theory about early teethers being early losers holds water in our house.

WideWebWitch Fri 29-Aug-03 15:00:16

Thanks for that SueW. Sounds like ds isn't that abnormal then. Batey, I have *no* idea when he got his first teeth. I've just searched the recesses of my mind and nope, I can't remember a thing about it or when it was. I must write all this stuff down for the next one or I'll become one of those vague mothers who say "have you ever had chicken pox? Oh, I can't remember dear".

Linnet Fri 29-Aug-03 21:20:50

The tooth fairy leaves a £1 a tooth in our house. my dd has a little pewter tooth fairy box to put her teeth into.

She lost her first tooth just after she turned 5 and another one 2 mnths later they were the bottom two that both came through when she was 4 months old. I also think that if the teeth come through early they will lose them earlier.

She believes in the tooth fairy and santa claus. We don't go in for the easter bunny though.

Lisa78 Fri 29-Aug-03 21:26:20

A neighbour of mine actually kept her childrens teeth in a matchbox... UGH! Youngest son caught her out though, she gave a £1 a time and he had made about a tenner before she realised he was retrieving the same tooth!!!! Mind you, he made quite a bit of money selling his pumpbag at school too - she couldn't work out why he kept losing it...!!
My son is 14 now and never ever got told about a tooth fairy, simply because despite being the most un-sqeamish person in the world, the one thing that gets me going is wobbly teeth! The last one he had that went wobbly, he bumped. Husband came in to find him spitting blood into the sink and me next to him retching!

sobernow Fri 29-Aug-03 21:28:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tortington Sat 30-Aug-03 01:25:45

50p - and you have to ring the toothfairy to tell her its ready that way thekids have to tell you and not just hide it somewhere. then the toothfairy can take the tooth to help all the other fairies build a tooth castle in fairyland where they all can live in a shiny white castle. so they need clean teeth only

batey Sat 30-Aug-03 08:06:26

What do you all do with the teeth after, bin them or keep them???!!

I had a big box of stuff that was mine from my parents house (been in the attic for years), opened it a few years ago and there was a pot with all my baby teeth in it!! Eeuch!!

tallulah Sat 30-Aug-03 13:50:08

lou33 this is our rate too, 20p for most or 50p for back ones (depending on what "odd shaped" coins are in my purse on The Night).

i was horrified to see that the going rate at my friend's DDs school is £2!

Old teeth in a drawer... uck... don't know what to do with them.

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