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Brilliant customer service from Boden!

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mustdash Thu 23-Dec-10 18:24:02

I've just had a brilliant response from Boden, and wanted to shout about it a little.

I ordered some 'stuff' for Christmas two weeks ago. As with much of my Christmas shopping, it hasn't turned up.

Other suppliers have so far today responded with;-

Amazon - "it's been dispatched, it will be with you as soon as possible" - after 13 days, having paid for next day delivery. angry

Wiggly Wigglers - "we're closed for the holidays" angry
having sent half of my order inside a box that was labelled for the whole order.

Feel Unique - "we're closed" - even though they should still have been open according to their website. angry

Boden - two phone calls, one to say sorry that my delivery hadn't arrived, then very quickly followed by another to ask if it was ok that they immediately send out a replacement package. Followed by a third to apologise that the colour I wanted was now out of stock, and would I mind terribly a different colour, and no rush to send the other package back if/when it turned up.

I know it won't be here in time to make up the presents I wanted, but that really is the sort of service that makes you stay a customer for a very very long time. Thank you. grin

mustdash Thu 23-Dec-10 20:17:25

And to top that they phoned and e-mailed to say thank you for my thank you. smile

Shhhh Sun 02-Jan-11 16:14:38

its nice to know when we get nice service,
Its to easy to complain but not many people actually say thankyou for a good

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