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Anyone else doing a Macmillan Nurses coffee morning?

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cupcakes Thu 29-Sep-05 14:49:56

I am doing one with a friend. I think we're going to have 20+ people + children.
Got coffee, got cakes and biscuits.
What are you doing?

deegward Thu 29-Sep-05 14:51:20

We've got a big one as ds1 school, all mums etc invited tomorrow afternoon.

tiggerintum Thu 29-Sep-05 14:52:09

I have been invited to the one at my work, am on maternity leave though so bit depressing going in if I'm not earning anything

cupcakes Thu 29-Sep-05 14:54:28

I'm wondering whether we should charge a set price for drinks and cakes or let people donate whatever they wish.

cupcakes Thu 29-Sep-05 16:50:08


cadbury Thu 29-Sep-05 16:52:20

I'm contributing to the one at dd's school. No idea baout the pricing policy I'm afraid

cupcakes Thu 29-Sep-05 16:59:56

how much would you pay/donate for a cup of coffee/tea and/or cake?

Tommy Thu 29-Sep-05 17:05:57

a few of us here

ilovesprouts Fri 28-Sep-12 17:11:42

i organised one at my sons sn school they is only about 60 kids in the whole school but so far we have raised £271 grin

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