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Lonely this christmas?

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Hther Sat 18-Dec-10 21:19:17

Anyone else dreading it?

I have 4 lovely children and before having children could never understand why parents said they were lonely but now I am. I need adult company too and feeling this more so the nearer we get to christmas.

Their dad is only around here when it suits him ie he wants something off me, my friend has left the country and i have no family

Anyone else facing christmas "alone" other than children. How do you manage it?

nelehluap Sun 19-Dec-10 18:00:24

Fortunately for me I've never had a Christmas on my own - I am married to a lovely guy and we have two DDs but please don't feel you're on your own have friends on here......

We all need adult company - being with my two DDs 24/7 drives me insane sometimes!..and having an adult conversation does us all the world of good....

Keep in touch with people on here...mumsnet is great for that.xxxxx

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