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Ugly baby???

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Spod Wed 27-Aug-03 22:49:35

This may sound mean/not very maternal.... but does anyone else worry that they will have a 'not as cute as i had thought it would be' baby ... its not a thought I have very often,,, just sometimes.... and its not like I would love it any the less...probably would just laugh... maybe just being irrational!!

Chinchilla Wed 27-Aug-03 23:03:24

Is it your first? If so, it is a 'normal' fear. No-one wants their baby to be 'different' from others. However, when it arrives, you love it no matter what it looks like. Ds could have had three eyes and blue skin, and I would have been as proud of him as I could ever be. Anyway, we can always have his mouse-like ears pinned back later! (Joking)

What I am trying to say is that you ARE being irrational. You will think that your baby is the best looking child in the world, and pity all the other poor mothers whose children can never be as good-looking as yours! Just enjoy that baby skin and unconditional love...

I want another baby

Spod Wed 27-Aug-03 23:27:58

yeah- this is my first... several friends have said they had the same thoughts too so i know it aint just me. its just that you do occaisionally come across other people's babies who are not cute at all! I wouldnt mind baby looking 'different' but do get stupid thoughts about everyone else saying baby is ugly behind my back. daft really as it dont really matter!

twiglett Wed 27-Aug-03 23:30:23

message withdrawn

bloss Thu 28-Aug-03 00:59:25

Message withdrawn

Ghosty Thu 28-Aug-03 02:25:25

Ha ... my baby was ugly ... really really ugly! People still laugh at the photos of him when he was a few hours old ... he looked like one of those pug dogs! I couldn't believe that I had given birth to such an ugly baby!
He began to smooth out by the time he was a weeks old and got better looking every day and, sorry to say this everyone, but he is definitely the best looking child on the planet ... there is no child better looking than him ... honest!

SoupDragon Thu 28-Aug-03 07:41:56

DS1 was gorgeous from birth. DS2 was bright orange with a screwed up face, gummy eye and a blobby nose! I still loved him though and now he has enormous grey eyes, an angelic face and is gorgeous. In his early photos though he looks like an advert for not using fake tan!

ninja Thu 28-Aug-03 08:52:29

myy dd despite looking like dp who isn't even god looking for a man (well I think he is but ....) you see we're all deluded and that's great!

Lambchops Thu 28-Aug-03 09:05:24

This thread has made me laugh. (sorry spod)
In the maternity hospital I went aroud looking at other babies thinking 'oh yes! Mine's nicer than that one!' But now I look back on her newborn photos and realise she actually looked like a very grumpy Winston Churchill.

sassy Thu 28-Aug-03 09:11:28

Don't all newborn babies look like Churchill,Lambchops?
My dd was a forceps delivery and had little bruises like specs on her cheeks. I remember my Dad coming to see her that evening and saying, "She's lovely, and when the bruises go down she'll be perfect", and me growling "She IS perfect!"
Your baby will be the most wonderful thing you have ever seen - guaranteed.

jodee Thu 28-Aug-03 09:15:28

My sil had an ugly daughter, she was the hairiest baby she had ever seen with a squashed purple face - these are her words, not mine! But of course she turned out to be a real beauty.

judetheobscure Thu 28-Aug-03 09:26:49

A friend had an ugly dd in everyone's opinion but her own She kept on calling her "pretty" instead of her name and her mother queried this one day (fatal mistake). So then she asked us (her "friends" what we thought . We were rather put on the spot and the best we could manage was "everyone thinks their own daughter is beautiful". Not a good enough reponse for her I think? Don't think she ever forgave us and we don't see her any more

marthamoo Thu 28-Aug-03 09:33:24

When my younger brother was brought to my Mum at a few hours old (she had to be sedated after his birth because of high blood pressure) she took one look at him and said "oh've brought the wrong one. I have pretty babies." (Me!!!) I've seen the pictures and he was a big, red, blotchy lumpen thing. But he was the most beautiful toddler....

DS1 was a pretty baby (like you, Spod, I worried that I would have an odd looking one!) but DS2 looked like a shrunken Dot Cotton. Once his creases came out he was much better and now he is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone says so...

aloha Thu 28-Aug-03 09:37:21

I've posted this before but I honestly was struck dumb by the sheer beauty of my son. I sat in bed seriously wondering what I was going to do when the baby model scouts saw him and I had to regretfully turn them down. Also strongly suspected I would be mobbed in the street if I took him out. I genuinely pitied anyone who didn't have as beautiful a baby as mine (ie, everyone). Yes, I was quite, quite mad. However, I don't think my reaction was that different to most people's. You are not objective with your own child but see them through a fuzzy soft-focus of love. Mind you, even now I look at his one day old pix and think he looks delicious, so it clearly hasn't worn off two years later.

aloha Thu 28-Aug-03 09:38:49

When Vivien Leigh (very beautiful 40s film star who starred in Gone With The Wind for you young ones) was a baby her mother put a sign on her pram saying 'please do not kiss this baby' but then she was a spectacular baby beauty.

SoupDragon Thu 28-Aug-03 09:39:39

I've just remembered how much DS2 looked like William Hague. It was around the time of the last election and he used to stare up at me from his car seat looking creepily like the Tory leader.

Jenie Thu 28-Aug-03 09:53:20

Dd was a stunning baby, but ds looked like the alien that's born in MIB, but with less tenticles... he had big almond shaped eyes that were dark blue almost black and a strange long face that was pointy and a little tiny nose...... my mum took to (lovingly I think) calling him frog face, but that's another thread.

SamboM Thu 28-Aug-03 09:58:01

dd was the most beautiful girl in the world. When I look back at the photos she did look like the Mekon from Dan Dare though! (showing my age?)

Northerner Thu 28-Aug-03 09:58:32

Spod - I had these worries also! My big concern was that my baby might be ginger - as it run's in my family (no disrepect to any red heads!)As it happens, as soon as I met ds I thought he was the truly most beautiful thing in the whole world, and I still do. And I still would even if he was a red head!

Everyone else tells me he is stunning too so it's not me being biased - honest!

aloha Thu 28-Aug-03 09:59:02

Soupdragon, there are brief moments when I catch a bit of Boris Johnson in my ds!

ninja Thu 28-Aug-03 10:01:24

Oh Yes Spod - don't worry everyone will tell you your baby is bautiful as well

Metrobaby Thu 28-Aug-03 10:06:12

After dd was born i suddenely understood the phrase "having a face only a mother could love" - but she truely is cute. FWIW, I don't think I know anyone who thinks their baby is actually ugly now. I think once they get to 6 months they are exceptionally gorgeous

SimonHoward Thu 28-Aug-03 10:54:48


I have rarely if ever seen a good looking newborn and it wasn't till after DD's hair grew back after she lost it all that I would have described her as cute.

She had a cheeky smile all the time but I'd never call her cute at that age.

Now though she has been refered to as a heartbreaker already by more than one person.

janh Thu 28-Aug-03 11:01:40

Soupie, LOL at William Hague in the car seat!

DD2 looked like Mao Tse Tung.

ThomCat Thu 28-Aug-03 11:19:11

When I look back at pictures of Lottie when she was 5 minutes old I think OMG! She looks as if her face has been inflated with a football pump!
Now at 19 months old she's beautiful with an amzing smile, massive dimples and twinkly eyes.
My friends boys were incredibly ugly and i've never better better looking boys than her sons now!
What's the saying - all bvabies look like Winston Churchill!!

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