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Where can I buy bean bags?

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mouli Tue 26-Aug-03 14:30:17

I need to buy about 10 adult sized bean bags in a plain cotton drill or cord. I am having difficulty sourcing them and wondered if any other mumsnetters had any ideas?

badjelly Tue 26-Aug-03 14:41:41

how about dunelm ? If you look in the cushions section they have various sizes of beanbags and the 'cubes' are like beanbags and very comfy for sitting/lying on (I spent the last 2 months of pregnancy sprawled on ours!)

badjelly Tue 26-Aug-03 14:43:41

link don't work!

SamboM Tue 26-Aug-03 14:57:51

Argos? Ikea?

Janstar Tue 26-Aug-03 15:30:10

We bought one in Ikea recently - it was in the childrens' department though. It is actually for my dd1 who is 14 and the same height as me, so it might do.

SamboM Tue 26-Aug-03 15:31:36

Mouli, just out of interest why do you need 10 beanbags?!

mouli Tue 26-Aug-03 18:51:08

I need them for the school common room! I do not have ten kids!

luchar Wed 27-Aug-03 09:20:51

Asda! I saw them at our local store for £10 each last week. HTH! (I alway recommend Asda!!!)

bea Wed 27-Aug-03 19:26:23

if you know anyone who goes to tumble tots... they usually sell them... or go to their website... a google search should do it!

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