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OK, what can I do with an audio tape of my lovely Dad's voice?

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DrNortherner Fri 03-Dec-10 15:35:46

Lost my Dad last April. Miss him every single day of my life.

I have an audio tape with his voice on, it's from when I was about 8/9 and had a cassette player and taped random stuff. It was if the 2 of us having a stupid hour or so singing silly songs, talking about daft stuff and my Dad telling old corny jokes.

I have only brought myself to listen to it once since he died, but I could not hold it together.

Now I think I may be ready to do something with it. I am thinking maybe get it transferred onto DVD with images and photos of my dad, but have no idea how to do this or what sort of company could do this.

Any ideas MUCH appreciated.


catinthehat2 Fri 03-Dec-10 15:45:13

Can you get a high quality transfer onto an electronic file so you have it backed up first of all.
Then you can save it onto your phone or MP3 [player to have with you when you want to have a listen.
I would get in touch with a professional studio to do this, mainly to ensure the best quality file and equipment.

bryony77 Sat 04-Dec-10 18:02:53

What a lovely thing to have. Try somewhere like Jessops first - they definitely do video to DVD so may do audio too and if they don't, they should know somewhere that can help.

HollyBerryLelloHoHo Sat 04-Dec-10 18:12:33

What a lovely idea. I'm sorry for your loss.

You can get software packages to do this sort of thing yourself but if you'd find that a bit too overwhelming then I second the idea of asking somewhere like jessops, or maybe at a college that runs media/film type courses?

I hope it turns out well

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